Virtual Assistant outsourcing in the Philippines

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A growing trend in the world of internet business is the utilization of people resources who work from home.  These home based workers are known as Virtual Assistants.  Businesses are able to save in costs by outsourcing work tasks to home based workers.  Virtual Assistants can work various different hours, and charge different rates to their clients (either per hour worked or project basis) based on their skill set or work experience

Virtual Assistant outsourcing in the Philippines

The Philippines is one of the favorite Business Process Outsourcing or BPO and a top pick of American and European companies in outsourcing Virtual Assistant services compared to other countries who offer the same service. The Philippines has been internationally renowned as one with English speaking citizens, exceptional customer service, work quality and professionalism.  This outsourcing industry is one of the top outsourced business operations in the Philippines.

Moreover, one of the reasons also is that we have a large number of educated and professionals who have excellent communication skills and speak the English language perfectly not to mention the low labor cost when hiring VA experts in the Philippines.

English is one of the two official languages of the country; the other is Tagalog, being a Filipino. English is taught at home and in school as a mode of classroom instruction so that is why most Filipinos speak and write the English language at an early age.

A Virtual Assistant’s expertise varies from web developing, web design, graphic design, SEO analyst, inbound and outbound sales, online Customer relation management or CRM, telemarketing, administrative assistant, receptionist, online research and article writing, blogging, social media, transcription to name a few.

Nowadays, entrepreneurs are expanding their trade online because of the need to be visible not only physically where the office is located but on the internet and the world wide web where marketing strategies are possible to help the business grow and earn more profit.

Being a lucrative business, many companies and entrepreneurs are taking advantage of the booming trade and are investing more in the Philippines in this Virtual Assistant industry.

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