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What is a dedicated Virtual Assistant?

A dedicated VA is someone who has all your preferred skill-set and will be for working just for you on your preferred date and time following your work requirements and responsibilities. All of their work tools, apps and computer programs while their working on your set schedule are just mainly for your task requirement to make sure they are 100% productive.

Where will my VA be located?

All of our VA's are physically located in the Philippines and had passed rigorous assessment test and interviews conducted by our HR Team. Each VA had a minimum of at least 2-3 years experience working in the BPO Industry servicing US-based clients and other International accounts. This ensure that the VA's are exposed and familiar with the american culture which is essential to their success in working as VA's for American clients.

Is my VA fluent in the English language?

Our VA's are fluent in the English language and not just in verbal but in written English as well. You are assured that aside from their great communication skills, they have great comprehension skills as well. No need to waste your time repeating instructions repeatedly. With us, that will never happen

Will my hired VA be working on weekends or on holidays?

Your hired VA will be working as long as you require them to. Our VA's goes beyond business hours. Need them to work on weekends for a special task or even on US Holidays? Not a problem! Just let the VA know in advance that you will have them work on your special preferred days and they will gladly obliged.

What schedule will my VA follow?

Your hired VA will follow American timezone or whatever their client's timezone is. Though they are physically located in the Philippines, the time difference will not be a deterrent as the VA's are used to working at night time or American time. Your VA will follow whatever you preferred working schedule is, as they always adjust and cope with their client's needs and requirements.

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How long does the hiring process usually take?

Our hiring process usually takes 1-2 days but we can expedite it for anyone who has the task requirements ready and available to be delegated to the hired VA. An open communication via phone line and email ensures a speedy hiring process to get the hired VA started right away.

I have an urgent task, can I hire a VA within one day?

100% yes! As long as you have the task requirements & work instructions ready and available to be delegated to the hired VA, it would be easy to start right away. Once you have paid for the invoice, our HR Team will start preparing the work tools and credentials that we will share with you. An on-boarding call with our Client Representative/HR Representative will commence to officially start the work project.

Do I get to review the endorsed VA's professional resume?

Once you are done with the phone consultation with our Client Representative and has the task requirements & work instructions list ready, HR team will now start sourcing the VA that perfectly matches your skill requirements. The resume of these endorsed VA's will then be forwarded to your email for advance review prior to your scheduled Client Interview Call with the endorsed VA's. You get a chance to review their professional experience and work accomplishments before conducting a phone interview with them facilitated by our Client Representative.

If I like to to go with the VA that I just interviewed, what's next?

Once you have made up your mind and finally decided who your hired VA will be, we then send you an invoice for your chosen subscription via email that you can pay with your Paypal account or credit card. A payment confirmation receipt will be sent via email and then we will start working on creating the work credentials for your hired VA such as Skype calling plan, email account and time tracking software that will be sent on your email too. We will then call you for a quick HR Orientation before the initial handoff to ensure a smooth working relationship with your hired VA.

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Do my unconsumed hours roll over?

Yes, any unconsumed hours will roll over for next week. You only pay for work that was consumed by your hired VA, no money and no time wasted. In instances of a VA who failed to report for work on a specific day, no hours will be deducted from your prepaid subscription hours.

Can I increase or decrease my VA subscription hours when the need arise?

Once you have successfully subscribed, you may choose to increase or decrease your subscription hours based on your tasks requirements anytime. Need to make that change, one call or one email is all it takes. Call us at 510-400-8006 or email us at clientteam@virtualassistanttalent.com to make the necessary changes.

If I need less than 10 hours a week of VA work, is that ok?

Yes, we can do customized hours for you however the minimum package/subscription is 10 hours weekly. What you can do is subscribe to the minimum package of 10 hours weekly and whatever unconsumed hours is left from that package, the remaining hours will roll over to next week. You will not be obligated to fully consume the 10 hours in one week.

Can I hire more than one VA? I'd like to get a VA for different areas of my business.

Yes, you can hire more than 1 VA for your business depending on the skill-set that you require for each VA and for what areas of business they will be specifically assigned. Some of our clients hire 2-4 VA's for different areas of their business. An Executive/Assistant VA to handle their calendar and day-to-day activities, and the Outbound Sales VA to do sales follow-up calls and book appointments for them and a Tech VA that manages and maintain their website.

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How do I pay for your subscription?

You may choose to pay via your Paypal account or your credit card. We send the invoice via email so we do not have any access on your secured information. Once paid, we send you a payment acknowledgement receipt via email and our HR team starts preparing on the work credentials credentials of your hired VA.

Which is better, your weekly plan or monthly invoice plan?

Weekly plan suits budget-entrepreneurs best, with this type of invoice plan, weekly invoice are sent to your email for you to settle so that your hired VA will be able to continue their ongoing work project. A monthly invoice plan on the other hand, are best fit for those busy entrepreneurs who wants to receive just one monthly invoice instead of 4 weekly separate invoice. This saves them time and effort to settle their bill and makes sure that the VA's work is not interrupted in any way.

Do I get billed automatically, either I choose a weekly or a monthly plan?

You don't get billed automatically, however we sent you a weekly report of your prepaid subscription hours for your monitoring purposes. Once the prepaid hours are nearly consumed, Payroll department will send you an invoice via email for another set of your weekly or monthly subscription hours that you need to settle to ensure continuous work of your hired VA.

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Bruce Sankin

Larry Cabaldon, CEO ,
Boardroom Performance Group
Irvine, California

"John connected me with a well qualified virtual assistant that understood all my needs and proactively moved me forward despite my lack of technical background, time and understanding of what was needed. He reported to me daily. He presented attractive examples of what he was recommending and implemented all the steps necessary to make it happen. Suddenly, without major input or decisions from me, I had a new Wordpress website that rocked with updated design, photos, resources, and invites to events, blogs, and videos. The end results were better than I could imagine. I was consulted all the way, but I realized I was dealing with a professional who know what I needed and wanted to make it happen ASAP.
My hired VA revitalized my LinkedIn and Facebook presence with new contacts, blogs, and re-designed my website. In short, with John’s overall management, the VA totally transformed my stuck social media campaign into a vibrant marketing tool. All of this was accomplished in less than a month. I’m now on the right track for my social market efforts.
I have a business that consults with Boards, executives, investors, non-profits, etc.-Boardroom Performance Group and published a book “God in the Boardroom: Why is Christianity Losing Market Share?” With John’s overall direction and the Virtual Assistant's ability, my business and Kingdom objectives through social media are definitely on track. All the key metrics have improved significantly and I receive compliments from my contacts. If you are frustrated with your progress in implementing your social media campaign, I highly recommend John Davern and Virtual Assistant Talent to help you quickly and cost effectively reach your objectives."

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