Word of Mouth Marketing

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One of the oldest form of marketing even before the birth of Word Wide Web and social media is the WOM or commonly known as word-of-mouth. Using word of mouth for your business is relatively cheap as it is almost “free”. But don’t think that those who talks about your business are saying positive things as there are also who are into destroying your image, product or service, and that is giving your business trouble rather than good.

word of mouth

How do we define WOM?

Word of mouth – in its traditional way depends on people talking to one another in a direct, personal perspective like chatting over a cup of coffee, or a telephone call or in a family gathering. Internet-based word-of-mouth on the other hand is the new technology which uses a wide range of platforms that may not engage in speaking at all like text messaging, email or with the help of social media.

How effective is the word of mouth marketing for business?

As mentioned earlier, this marketing may be good for your business or organization or may do harm instead of building your reputation and branding. Word of mouth strategy is good for business especially if one is still starting and new because they will enjoy the benefit of complimentary and free marketing. If one customer is satisfied with your product or service, he will share the joy and contentment to family and friends. Though there may be negative feedbacks but that is just a fraction of the positive that is being circulated by satisfied customers.

Those who enjoy the benefit of word of mouth are small business owners, medical professionals, real estate agents and brokers, restaurants, politicians for their political campaign, and celebrities to name a few.

Ways on how your business can enjoy the word-of-mouth marketing strategy:

  1. Satisfied customer – when a customer is happy and satisfied of the service or the product, he will spread the good news to family and friends.
  2. Customer service – if your company has an exceptional customer service, one may spread the good news, one may not. It all depends on how your staff interacts with the customer because one trick may work for one but not for the other.
  3. Be creative – Don’t depend too much on customer service or satisfied customers to do the marketing for you. You have to be creative so that people will talk about your business or your product. Think of a unique way to market your product so people will start talking about it.
  4. Spend for marketing – word-of-mouth is not all that free. You have to spend to create your marketing campaign where from there, if people are happy about what they experience and see comes the propagating of your brand.
  5. Be careful what you indicate in your Ad – Don’t put promises in your ad like say “lose weight in 5 days” if you can’t keep the promise. This will not only smear your campaign but will give your brand a negative image.

Remember: People tend to spread the negative experiences rather than the good ones.

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