When Virtual Assistant and Client Trust Is Compromised

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In a virtual assistant and client relationship, is trust an issue? Yes. As a small business owner, there are a lot of things you want to consider when you hire a VA, and one of that is – trust.

Virtual Assistant and Client Trust

Trust is fundamental to a relationship. After you find the perfect virtual assistant, you trust him or her your business and that means giving your passwords and allowing access to your emails, social media accounts, financial records, and important business information.

In some cases, VAs are given the freedom to access credit card and PayPal accounts too. Most of the time, he or she is the one who represents your company on your behalf in your online transactions. In business and real life…

When Does Trust become an Issue?

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Trust becomes an issue when the client finds something about the work ethics and lapses in the tasks delegated. Same way as with the home-based staff, if he or she finds some irregularities in the transaction from his client especially if payment is delayed, trust is also compromised.

The most damaging thing in a virtual assistant – client relationship is when the former divulges important or confidential information to other parties or to the competitor of the business. If there is a Non-disclosure Confidentiality Agreement (NDA), then he or she obviously has breached the contract.

On the other hand, when the client feed negative feedback and information, it is also harming the reputation of the VA working for him, may it be true or not.

Trust is a matter of value. Virtual personal assistants are professionals working remotely from home to bring food to the family’s table and pay bills. It’s not just a mere online job, it’s a source of income that you need to protect. You need to protect your livelihood and reputation.

virtual assistant and client relationship

No matter how good you are in your work, if you cannot be trusted, you are still as good as nothing. If you are someone who is good only when the client is talking to you and spills all the information when the going gets tough, then you are the poison of the virtual job community.

Your client has given you his trust even if you are just working online. A dependable and trustworthy VA is the one who is guided with conscience and values even if the client is not seeing him working and doing the tasks delegated to him.

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Know your virtual assistant very well and ask about his background and work ethics before you trust your business to him. Always have that Non-disclosure Confidentiality Agreement so that whatever happens, you have something in your hand to run after your VA. Outsourcing virtual assistance services is a cost-effective solution for your business but it’s also important to look for a trustworthy company in the online marketing world.

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