Webinar and Event Planning

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Online seminars or webinars (short for web-based seminar—are presentations, lectures, workshops, or seminars transmitted over the web), are a winning way to deliver updates and information of your company to customers and audience on a budget from around the world.
Webinar and Event Planning
If your business needs to share information specially long-distance but has limited travel funds, with webinars, you can still connect to your team and or audience the message you want convey and save money on costs like travel, venue of meeting, materials, etc.

By using your computer and telephone you can actually be present in a meeting – hear a presentation (like a conference call) and also see the presenter’s slides (watching over an internet connection). You won’t be able to see the presenter or the moderator, or others attending the program — and they won’t be able to see you.

Small businesses use webinars for a variety of purposes, like sharing information about a new product or service, marketing campaign or just staff collaboration. Moreover, a lot of new online tools are sprouting the market and making it easy for any business to host a webinar.

One of the many ways to attend a meeting, brainstorm and or conference is through webinar. You can attend an important meeting without really leaving your home – and in your casual or housedress or even in pajamas because it is virtual and the presenter, moderator and everyone else who is attending the program won’t be able to see you.

Here are few tools available:

  1. Verizon Small Business Web Conferencing
  2. Microsoft Office Live Meeting
  3. Cisco WebEx
  4. Goto Webinar
  5. Zoho Meeting
  6. Anymeeting
  7. Yugma
  8. GatherPlace
  9. Fuze
  10. Brainshark
  11. Freebinar
  12. OpenMeetings
  13. Event Brite
  14. MegaMeeting
  15. Elluminate
  16. Nefsis
  17. StageToWeb
  18. Stream57
  19. Dialcom
  20. Amiado

Guide Questions in planning a webinar:

  1. Why are you going for a webinar?
  2. What is the purpose of the meeting?
  3. Is this the right tool for your meeting?
  4. Who are the speakers of the meeting?
  5. Who is your presenter? (He or she should be knowledgeable of the what’s going to transpire during the meeting.)
  6. How do you want your meeting to be? Do you want it to be interview style, panel discussion or with speakers – how many speakers?
  7. Prepare an agenda of the meeting.
  8. What are the visuals you want to use during the presentation? (ex. PowerPoint presentation)
  9. Choose the tool that suits your need and budget.
  10. Advertise or announce the event.

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