Virtual Pharmacist – The Latest Addition to Home Based Job

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In this generation and new era of advanced technology, almost everything is attainable under the what we so called – the internet or the World Wide Web. The outsourcing industry has never been the same few decades ago.

Online stores, virtual offices and virtual assistance are sprouting everywhere around the globe, and the need to contract virtual assistants is gaining popularity in the virtual world and the demand is increasing each year. As the demand increases so does the skill set and job description of a virtual assistant. As the demand increases so does the skill set and job description of a VA.

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Yes, you heard it right.

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In an ordinary pharmacy setting, a pharmacist is usually the face or the person behind the counter. They play a vital role in keeping the pharmacy run smoothly, organized; medicines, medical supplies and stockings shelves updated, assist customer’s prescription enquiries, answer phone enquiries, and administrative work to name a few.

A virtual pharmacist, one of the virtual assistant packages available today, is a professional and certified pharmacist who remotely provides prescription processing, report to pharmacist team leader or directly to the hospital or healthcare company.

A virtual pharmacist’s responsibilities may include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Assess, analyze and enter medications for dispensation
  • Assist with seeking approval for prescription alternatives
  • Accommodate failed claims
  • Help in information on reimbursements
  • Answer patient prescription enquiries
  • Update patient records
  • Provide health advice

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Qualifications of a Virtual Assistant Pharmacist:

  • A degree in Pharmacy or any medical or allied health course (Medical Transcription, PT, OT, Nursing, etc.)- Pharmacy experience
  • Understanding of generic and branded drugs
  • Can comprehend medical abbreviation in prescriptions
  • A high degree of computer literacy
  • Above average skills in both verbal and written communication
  • Superb typing skills
  • Excellent mathematical skills
  • Basic knowledge in Pharmacology
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Since virtual assistant pharmacists are always on the phone answering queries and supporting patients and customers, and may sell medical equipment, they should create a friendly atmosphere; possess a good customer relationship impression, and must be very professional in every manner.

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