Virtual Assistant Transcriptionist

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Virtual assistant transcriptionist is a professional independent contractor transcribing and editing voice recorded reports into written format remotely from home.

  1. Are you a medical professional or assistant with good medical terminology knowledge or training?
  2. Are you a legal professional or assistant or have worked in court and have strong legal vocabulary?
  3. Do you have a good typing speed, good at listening and have an ear for twangs?

Virtual Assistant Transcriptionist

You may do these jobs without leaving your home. All you need is good software that helps manually or automatically convert speech into text copy. Transcriptionist is one of the top services offered by virtual assistance companies.

Companies and individuals who utilize recorded conversations are the ones who need a transcriptionist.  This includes…

  • Doctors
  • Legal practitioners
  • Disc jockeys
  • Media/journalists
  • Musicians and others

Legal Transcriptionist

A legal transcriptionist generally listens to court hearings, cross-examinations and pleadings, and recorded statements, after which they transcribe it into a legal document.

Medical Transcriptionist

Medical transcriptionist listens to audio recordings that general practitioners such as doctors and other health professionals make and then transcribe these into reports. Medical transcriptionist virtual assistant decipher medical terminology of patients’ medical histories, discharge summaries, and other medical files

Medical & legal are the most popular transcription jobs in the market. Click To Tweet

In order to be good legal and medical transcriptionists, individual should have a solid understanding of legal and medical terminologies. They should have impeccable grammar and a good command of the English language.
Aside from the above-mentioned virtual assistant jobs, the following are also available in the market:

  • Music – notating an unnotated piece, arrangement for another instrument into music sheets or rewriting a music piece.
  • Transcription disc is a voice recording generated during broadcasting for internal use by the broadcasting company.

It’s very important that a virtual assistant transcriptionist is able to follow every instruction the client advices particularly on exactly how they want their audio file to be transcribed and formatted. The client may instruct you to disregard certain words and/or phrases and may require you to provide your transcription in a specific format.

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You will need the following:

  • Computer
  • High speed internet access
  • Word processing program
  • Very good headphones
  • Program and/or software that will let you play audio slowly
  • Foot pedal so you can stop, rewind and fast forward audio recordings using your foot (optional).

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