Virtual Assistant Talent Property Management

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Property management is more likely the function of management in any business like rental properties, residential real estate, vacation properties, apartments, condominium and office, commercial and industrial properties.

It is the management of personal property, tangible capital assets, and equipment that are procured and used to maintain and repair. It is like hiring a business manager to handle the day to day responsibilities that make rental properties a successful project.

Virtual Assistant Talent Property Management

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Property management is a service for busy people to help them manage their real estate investment and takes away the stress of owning a rental property. They find tenants to occupy vacancies, collect monthly payments, maintain the property, and find suitable sub-contractors for any job. Tasks also include leasing, repair and maintenance, accounting and reporting, remodeling of the units, determining rent rate and collection of rent.

There are misconceptions about hiring a property management company to manage your real estate rental.

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This way, you are able to accomplish more important things for your business.

The Property Manager is the one who manages all aspects of the contract, planned major work improvement and create marketing strategies on how to close enough leads.

What a property manager does?

  1. Looks for qualified tenants
  2. Screens tenants – background check, credit scores, rentals ability to pay and rental history
  3. Manages Lease and contract
  4. Controlling complaints and emergencies
  5. Handles moving outs
  6. Dealing with evictions
  7. Responsible for maintenance and repair of properties
  8. Responding to the needs of tenants and their representatives.
  9. Maintenance issues
  10. Marketing
  11. Overall operations of the business.

Overall operations of the business

How Virtual Assistant Talent Property Management differs from a Regular Property Management company?

Virtual Assistant Talent, LLC helps Property Managers/ Property Management companies grow their business and create revenue without them having to put all of their own time into it.

In essence, we are professional “matchmakers” in giving you a VA who is tailored-fit to complement your current business needs.  A virtual assistant is someone that works for you online/remotely and can help you with the following tasks:

  1.  market properties for rent
  2. receive calls from prospective tenants
  3. give instructions to tenants for move out
  4. try to retain/save clients from cancelling
  5. call tenants who are behind on payments
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Go in and do what you do best – expanding your business. Sounds good doesn’t it?

Real Estate Virtual Assistant for Property Management Firms offer a wide range of administrative support and services aimed directly at increasing your audience base and market reach and take a sincere interest in helping you grow your business.

To help you better understand the scope of tasks, we have classified some of the Real Estate Virtual Assistants tasks/areas that you may want to delegate which are mentioned as below:

  1. Marketing for new business — outbound calls, email campaigns, posting ads, lead generation and following up on them, appointment setting
  2. Tenant screening and reference verification — receiving applications, data entry, completing all required information, running reports creating Content To Share On Social Media
  3. Creating And Setting Up Social Networking Profiles
  4. Promoting your Social Media Sites
  5. Updating
  6. And Managing Your Profiles Regularly
  7. Research
  8. Increasing your online fan base/grow your database
  9. Increasing you audience base and market reach
  10. Analyze your social media page data  to determine and study  your market

Unlike other VA service providers, our VAs are managed by staff (Operations Manager, HR Team, and Client Reps) to help ensure they are on time, on task, reliable, and doing their work.

We manage the payroll, attendance, and productivity via screen captures to ensure the VA is working on the tasks you have designated him/her to complete.  We also have an A Rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Our VAs are fluent in English and sound great on the phone. It opens tremendous possibilities. Suddenly, you can source world-class talent from anywhere on the planet. Plus, new technologies make you feel even more connected with your chosen Virtual Assistant.

Feel free to fill out our FREE No Obligation Request for Virtual Assistant

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