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Busy day at work? Cramming at deadlines? Business is growing but not getting enough help? Not being able to accommodate everything and ended up losing a whole lot for the business? We have the best solution to your problem.

What Virtual Assistant Talent Can Do

Hire a virtual assistant! This is the newest way of getting things done and pocket friendly too. You don’t need to worry about tons of work tasks not done. Virtual assistants (VA) can do it for you.

A VA is someone who works for you remotely. They can handle almost everything and anything online. The digital space makes it possible for them to do the work for you. From administrative work, data entry, phone calls (incoming and outgoing), to planning and executing marketing strategies for you.

If you are up to speed with the latest and most effective ways to market your business and spread it like a virus, well your best friend “www” has a lot to offer. What you will need are people who are equipped with knowledge and experience on how to effectively do this.

We call these experts Search Engine Optimization VAs. They will battle your way to getting good rankings to help you gain visitors for your site and getting the right niche and traffic. It is a very complex process and very tricky too and we are proud to say that here at Virtual Assistant Talent we got the best SEO experts.

Most businesses now have a web presence, more and more are conquering the online world and you need web developers and good graphic artists to create a competitive website for you. We have them too.

services virtual assistants

There are a lot of services virtual assistants can offer you and the most popular are:

  • office admin tasks
  • provide customer service or support service
  • make cold calls
  • set-up appointments on your behalf
  • answer inbound calls and do follow-up calls
  • bring in leads for your Real Estate business
  • transcribe voice files and podcast
  • manage your emails and newsletter campaign
  • establish your brand’s social media presence
  • write blogs and relevant articles for products or services
  • bookkeeping or transaction coordination
  • website development or redesign
  • improve online rankings through on-page and off-page SEO

Top Reasons Why People Use Virtual Executive Assistants:

  • Tired of doing repetitive tasks
  • Overwhelmed with heavy workload
  • Only want to pay for the work needed when it is needed
  • Want to focus more on growing the business
  • Want to keep doing the tasks that they love and delegate the rest
  • Need help but cannot afford the cost of hiring an office employee
  • Don’t have the time to hire, recruit and train a new assistant

We target to help even the simplest businessmen and individuals who are all busy bees, to the simplest secretary-like jobs, preparing, organizing, keeping records and just simply having someone reliable you can ask to get some tasks done. You manage your time, we manage the work! Check our client testimonial at why hire a virtual assistant talent?

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