Top 8 Ways a Virtual Assistant Can Help You Implement Your Speaking Engagement Strategy

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Public speaking does not only help you give a unique edge to your brand to make it stand out among the competitors. It is also one of the most effective sources of advertisement to boost your authority.

Speaking Engagement Strategy

A virtual assistant (VA) can help you seek the right speaking engagement opportunities by researching call for speakers and submitting for call for speakers.
If you are just starting out, read our article about benefits to using speaking engagements and where to find them online and offline.

The following are the sought after virtual assistance services offered online that the VA can utilize to help you make the most of this brand-building opportunity.

1. Search for speaking engagements

  • First, the virtual assistant will look for speaking gigs using keywords that are often used
  • Second, the VA will then check if the searched event is still OPEN
  • Then, the VA will take note of the web link, name of the event, date of the event, location, other IMPORTANT details of the event, and DEADLINE of submission
    (Important details may include guidelines and protocols for speaking submissions, contact information, and a bit of background information about the event)
  • Next, the VA will find information on HOW TO APPLY (in some cases, he or she would be asked to sign up to submit a proposal)
  • Finally, the VA will track all the details in one master tracker or dashboard so you can choose an event/s in your convenient time

If you need to refine your search, you can ask your virtual personal assistant to do so by using filters—by industry, date, location, keyword, venue, etc.

2. Do background research

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For example, if you are a business coach, your goal may be to identify small business owners, solopreneurs, executives, and similar professionals.

The VA can figure out where these people gather and help you pitch yourself as a guest speaker to event organizers.

3. Assemble materials and promote your speech

The virtual assistant can also collect materials that you can distribute to emphasize the top benefits of your message. These marketing materials can be a press release, email broadcasts, brochures, or anything that can help establish your credibility.

The VA can also share details of your speaking engagements on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media sites.

Additionally, the VA can join LinkedIn groups that target your area, take note of local events, and connect you with the people organizing them.


4. Create Powerpoint/slide presentation

If a slide-show is part of your presentation and you don’t think you are savvy enough or don’t have time to do it, your VA can put up some slides for you.

He or she can include a slide showing contact information about your business. You can display this while you answer questions during the event. It’s up to you. The VA could also include a special offer or giveaway on your last slide.

5. Add a page to your website

The VA team can assign a technical VA to add a page to your website exclusive only for promoting you as a speaker.

You can provide a demo reel like a few clips from previous speaking engagements, your YouTube videos, your credentials, a list of topics you can talk about, etc.

6. Keep track with a database

The VA can create a quality database using a spreadsheet or Google docs to keep track of monthly or annual conferences and all of their important details. He or she can then call or email the organizers of the events you want to do.

After a Speaking Engagement

7. Do some post-event promotions

Your virtual assistant can make use of online tools to promote your speech after the event. The VA can post slides on SlideShare, write about the event on your blog, or upload the video to YouTube and Vimeo.

He or she can also share your speaking engagement on social media sites to increase visibility.

8. Set up alerts

Finally, your VA can set up alerts for speaking opportunities and keep a steady stream coming your way. Setting up alerts on “call for speakers” or “call for presenters” will get you regular notices of organizations that are looking for presenters with your expertise.

Here are 3 tools to start with:

  • Google Alerts
  • Talkwalker
  • Mention

If you’re an author, leader, consultant, coach, financial expert—the list goes—who use speaking engagements to grow your business, contact us today so we can help free up your time and reduce your workload.


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