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Are you an article writer, a blogger or loves to write just about anything?   Have a good command in the English language? Great! You can be a ghostwriter then.

Virtual Assistant Ghostwriter

A virtual assistant ghostwriter is a writer who writes a book, blogs, articles, marketing campaigns or biographies for somebody. As a VA ghostwriter, you are paid to do the writing so you don’t have any claim of the article written by you as it is credited to somebody else’s name.  The VA ghost writer uses his skills and talents to be of service to an individual or business to write a story, biography, book, update blogs and social media, marketing campaigns and others on their behalf.

There are a hundred and one reasons why someone may need a writer or ghostwriter. Elite personalities, politicians, celebrities, employ to write their biographies. Companies and busy entrepreneurs for article writing, website /blog site, marketing campaign, social media update.

The ghost writer’s task is to create the expressions that reflect the thoughts of the author or the business. He must have the ability to figure out the personality of the person, the business’ purpose for the article with style and emphasize the important message that the client wants to convey to its readers.  This entails interviewing the client to get the point of the article.

Some companies or entrepreneurs will just give you keywords and the rest is for you to formulate a creative article based on the given keyword/s. If you are writing to attract visitors and traffic to a certain website, keywords are a must in every article you write and should be based on keywords for Search Engine Optimization or SEO purposes.

A VA ghost writer is not merely just writing for somebody else but is actually a good sales person because he is writing to promote and sell the business. A good VA ghost writer can make or break your business. Don’t settle for less; hire your VA ghost writer with Virtual Assistant Talent, LLC. We have all the services you are looking for and the best and experts in their field Virtual Assistants in town.

We are proud to be a Better Business Bureau Accredited Company (


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