Virtual Assistant Apps vs. Real Virtual Assistant

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Technology has gone way beyond our imagination. Who can ever imagine that one can hire an assistant to do office tasks – virtually? Virtual assistance has penetrated the market as a cost effective alternative to hiring a physical staff.The market for virtual assistants is on the rise, and mobile application developers have taken advantage of the hot items for businessmen and people on the go. They not only have created mind-boggling games but mobile virtual assistants as well.

What is the edge of a real virtual assistant against a mobile app virtual assistant in doing tasks?
Virtual Assistant Apps vs. Real Virtual Assistant

Mobile App Virtual Assistant

  1. Voice recognition – the mobile app virtual assistant is voice based. You have to direct all your instructions verbally and the app will repeat what you have said. There are times when you don’t utter the word correctly, the mobile VA will not understand and might not be able to do the task you have directed to the app.
  2. Simple tasks delegated – like a real personal assistant like looking for a restaurant in a certain place, remind you of your appointment, manage your calendar, find that perfect place for your vacation and more. And its also a useful tool that will help you manage your time better, get to where you need to be faster, be on time for your appointments, and find out about businesses and events that you might be interested in.
  3. Social Media Accounts – the App can help you launch your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Evernote, Instagram, etc.

Real Virtual Assistant

  1. Inbound and outbound calls –you can direct tasks to your virtual like cold calling, sales call and marketing of our products and services.
  2. Tasks – Yes, the virtual assistant app can help you find the restaurant you are looking for in a certain place, remind you of your appointment, and others but a real virtual assistant can do more from simple to complicated tasks like web design, graphic design, article writing, SMM, SEO, and the list goes on. Things that obviously a real virtual assistant can only execute where an application virtual assistant can’t perform.And I’m pretty sure, your mobile apps don’t have the capacity to sell and market your products and services to clients and turn leads to sales.
  3. Social Media Accounts – a real virtual assistant can manage your social media accounts by posting updates, blogs, images and so on and so forth on your Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Evernote, Instagram to name a few which a reel virtual assistant has no way to execute and accomplish.

There are thousands of applications available in the market for Android and iOS that you can choose from depending on your needs. With all the technology we are enjoying in this generation, almost everything is at the tip of our fingers. Still, no matter how techie we are now, we as humans still have the power over this machines and robots. We might be at the mercy of these apps and gadgets but we are still the ones who decide who to work with and what to do. You may go for the virtual assistant app for your daily simple reminders but you still need the power of an expert virtual assistant to help you grow your business. The ball is in your hands.

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