Video Game Developer / Designer Virtual Assistant

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One of the most sought after technology job is a video game developer. Video games are as trendy as the gadgets that made this generation crazy about. From simple educational games like puzzles, word games, cards to hard core online street fighting, warfare, sports and more. The young and not so young individual spends countless of hours in front of computer to enjoy these games.

Video Game Developer / Designer Virtual Assistant

Video gaming has considerably evolved into something grandiose from that very simple Mario game, using the family computer with joysticks to 3D Super Mario Galaxy to fantasy and science-fiction role-playing games.

Video-game developers specialize in certain types of games such as role-playing video games or first-person shooters. Some developers are interested on porting games from one system to another or interpreting games from one language to another.

Types of game developers:

  • Game Programmers – design elements and combine it with the art of elements of a game, make the game come to life in 2D and 3D engines.
  • Lead programmer – ensure the smooth flow between all the various game programming projects.
  • Animation artists – make the elements of the game seem to come to life and realistic for the players.
  • Video game mechanics programmers – are the ones who make the game actually look and feel like a game. They program the buildings to explode, or the main characters to repair itself, and they program everything in between which is related to game movement and action.
  • Level Designers and Mission Designers – Level and Mission Designers work on arranging and positioning out the grid and map of the game, as well as designing the various challenges or puzzles which transpire throughout each game level or mission.
  • Mission and Level Editor programmer – write the code to allow game players to revise and alter or design and make their own game levels.
  • Game story and dialogue writers – must design their parts with the game players in mind: they must design their games for interactions between the player and the game, as well as between players. Dialogue writers are commissioned with writing in an ordinary sounding language.
  • 3D graphics programmer – who make the characters, landscapes, seascapes, vehicles and buildings come to life. Without a great 3D graphics programmer, most games will become a flop.
  • Artificial Intelligence programmer – is the one responsible for programming how enemies and other characters or elements in the game interact with the player and appear to be as intelligent as the players.
  • User interface programmer – make the buttons and widgets which players use regularly. A well-programed user interface makes the game more entertainment, excitement and enjoyable.
  • Networking programmer – Without networking programmers, there would be no more multiplayer games; no ability to share and reveal high scores, download extra bonus materials within the game, and more.
  • Art director – watch over each art project and ensures they are completed and ready to go.
  • Concept artist – use the concept art to promote and market a new game to the consumers.
  • 2D artist – design the landscapes of the game, as well as some of the main 2D interfaces.
  • 3D modeler – uses programs such as 3D Studio Max to create 3D models of all the art elements of the game from characters to building to landscapes.
  • Story board artist – organize the different scenes of the video game into a consistent visual story, which can later be used as the foundation of video game editing.
  • Video game voice actors – add an extra element of realism for the gamers.
  • Sound effects engineer – is responsible for recording or creating sounds for the game. From laser blasts to the sound to a simple tick, the sound effects engineers make it all happen.
  • Character design – These artists must have a good interpretation of facial gestures and muscles so they can make their 3D facial models look as imaginably realistic.
  • Texture artist – they add ‘skin’ or texture to the outside of the models. The 3D modeler builds and outlines, while the texture artist fabricates the skin to go on top of the framework.
  • Music composer – writes the music for the game.
  • Quality Assurance Video Game Testers – are video game testers who are paid to play video games all day long, and are both paid and free video game testers.

Types of games:

  • Online games – mostly are free online games, with subscription, one time fee, etc.
  • Multiplayer games (online and offline) – using consoles usually played at home with 2 – 4 players and one-on-one or team players
  • Massive multiplayer online game – hundreds of thousands of players interact simultaneously. The most popular types of games in this category are fantasy and science-fiction role-playing games, where players command and direct the actions of characters they have created and then interact with other players’ avatars.

Skills Required :

  1. Strong Math and Physics Fundamentals
  2. Key interest in culture, art and human behavior
  3. Programming skills in
  • C/C++
  • Adobe Flash
  • 3D skills including for the 3D Studio Max
  • PHP
  • Java
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Console and smartphone programming (SDKs)


  • Game design to Game creation
  • Art (2D/3D) & Art Support
  • Programming & Programming Support
  • In Game Animation
  • Game Testing/ Quality Control
  • Game Community Support/Technical Support
  • PH IP Games ( Development & Publishing)
  • Other games support services such as voice recording talent, concept design, animation and game level design

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