2017 Top Marketing Tasks You Can Outsource to A Virtual Marketing Assistant

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Each of us has the same 24 hours a day to juggle everything that we need to do. But sometimes, there isn’t enough time for one business owner to accomplish every aspect of a marketing plan.

Find out how you can outsource marketing management tasks and responsibilities to a virtual assistant for all those things that you hate doing, can’t do yourself, or shouldn’t be doing…

Top Marketing Tasks for a Virtual Marketing Assistant

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11 Virtual Assistant Internet Marketing Services

1. Prospecting

Got a long list of qualified leads? A virtual assistant can easily make calls to identify which ones are ready to purchase your product or subscribe to your service.

This way, you only spend time pitching to true prospects that you can lead down the sales funnel. An assistant can also schedule those interested prospects on your calendar to set appointments with you.

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2. Competitor or Target Audience Research

One of the top virtual marketing assistant jobs is competitor analysis and research. Now you don’t have to spend hours in front of your computer trying to figure out where and what your competitors are doing.

3. Email Marketing

Marketing communication is all about making sure that your customers/clients remember you and the perfect way to do this is through email marketing. Stay in touch with your existing and future target market by having a VA handle the following:

  • Create and set-up auto-responders
  • Create and set-up thank you email
  • Create, edit, and send email newsletters – packed with useful content and promotional content
  • Create opt-in forms, etc.

Remember, communication is core in building up a business relationship and it is important that you get a well-rounded VA.

Human resource virtual assistant services can be a great help if you need get down to the nitty-gritty of finding the perfect virtual marketing assistant.

4. Inbound or Follow Up Calls

Need to pursue a sale? Hire a virtual assistant to send a reminder or call to follow up with your warm leads. Answering all further questions can also take time so hand it over to your assistant. He or she can do both inbound and outbound calls.

5. Blog Management

Another integral part of marketing virtual assistant services but takes up too much time is blog management. Thankfully, a VA can do this by…

  • Researching blog topics and resources
  • Finding appropriate images/videos or case studies
  • Writing blogs and articles
  • Finding contributors for your blog
  • Researching top sites to guest-blog

Do you find it pesky to manage your editorial calendar? Have virtual assistant create one for you and then execute it.

6. Search Engine Marketing

Search Marketing is all about attracting traffic and increasing visibility through major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Two major categories under this marketing strategy are Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Both can be achieved using SEO Complete Package Solution.

SEO is the process of generating free or organic traffic from search engines while SEM means getting paid traffic from search engines.

SEO virtual assistants can help you with tasks such as:

  • Website analysis
  • Keyword research
  • Competitor analysis
  • On/Off page optimization
  • Link building
  • Monthly reports, etc.

7. Social Media Marketing

If you are a busy entrepreneur or professional, chances are, you don’t have the entire day working on your social media marketing. After all, posting and engaging on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn will keep you busy 24/7.

Creating a buzz about your business involves plenty of tasks that you’ll need to perform on a daily basis. Work with virtual assistants who can implement social media management packages such as the following:

  • Finding and posting relevant content on social media platforms
  • Promoting your products or services
  • Engaging with customers or prospects
  • Replying to comments/messages
  • Helping you plan an effective social media strategy
  • Scheduling of posts by using tools such as Hootsuite
  • Updating your business info
  • Monitoring, management etc.

8. Real Estate Marketing

  • Create property flyers or brochures – Your real estate virtual assistant can gather all the necessary information and create marketing materials for your listings.
  • Promote open houses – He or she can also promote your properties for an open house via ad and marketing channels such as Craigslist.

9. Website Update and Maintenance

There are various web development services a VA can help you with along with your existing marketing strategy. Tasks include adding new images, videos, content; adding meta tags and descriptions; linking to other posts, etc. A web developer virtual assistant can also do regular maintenance on your website so it runs smoothly and give an excellent user-experience.

10. Content Marketing

Creation and sharing of value-added content is essential to win over prospects or customers. That’s why content marketing should not be overlooked.

Competition gets tougher everyday so you need to beef up your content strategy. Work with your VA to provide fresh, informative and interesting content to your audience on a regular basis.

He or she can help in every step of a content marketing strategy – planning, creation, publishing, distribution and performance tracking.

11. Networking

Making connections online or in person can lead to mutually beneficial relationships. Though there are some networking activities that you really do have to do yourself, pretty much all online connection can be done by a virtual assistant.

He or she can start by researching online communities for you to join as well as networking events to attend. You can even hire VAs to search for call for speakers.

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We would love to hear if these ideas worked for you! If you have questions or any virtual marketing assistant related success stories, please leave a comment below.


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