Top Online Jobs For 2013

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When we were young, we dreamt of working in an office environment, dressing up smartly like an executive, meeting people here and there, and is always active and on the go. But as we come of age, we realize that sometimes these dreams are not anymore attuned with the position that you are in now especially if you have family and kids to look after and take care of.

jobs online 2013

With today’s technology, telecommuting is paving its way to home base jobs and those who wants to work remotely from home, the easiest way. The internet, smartphones, tablets, and computer have made it significantly more accessible to work outside of a traditional setting – the office workspace or cubicle.

Some of the work from home or online jobs that is sought after by employers and clients are:

  1. Graphic designer – graphic designers are generally regarded as some of the most creative people on a team. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, they’re the ones liable for designing visual concepts, choosing colors and schemes, images, and layouts, and advising clients on methods and styles to influence their audience. To be able to get this job, one must have a bachelor’s degree in graphic design.
  2. Computer programmer – they create, test and fix bugs in software programs by working with computer code. These programs gamut from simple mobile apps for smartphones and tablets to more complex operating systems. Most programmers are working independently and are productive when they work alone and in a quite environment. A bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field.
  3. Software Developer – software developers are set up to telecommute and working wholly from computers. This means, they need a lot of focus and this can only be achieved if the working environment is quite and far from distractions. Most of them work at night when everyone is asleep and quite, yet they earn big bucks.
  4. Bookkeeping / Accounting – Companies are employing accountants and bookkeepers to ensure that financial documents and records are updated and balance sheets are tallied to the last centavo. Accountants can carry out his work anywhere and not only confined to an office environment.
  5. Writer – In this age of technology, people, a company or an institution is being introduced by a compelling write-up, PR or a content. Behind each masterpiece is a talented writer. A writer can work anywhere serene where he can put his words together. Some writers are productive when they are working in with nature or just simply at the comfort of their home with a cup of coffee.
  6. Public Relations Specialist – this is ideal for telecommuting. Internet and phones are bridging the gap to make presentation to clients or potential customers and the need for immediate communication doesn’t always have to be in the office.  A degree in Public relations, English major, journalism is preferred for this job.


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