The Upsurge Of Home Based Jobs

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The once alternative and just to augment an income work from home job became not just an “option” but a “permanent” source of income to those who become jobless during the global recession.  It becomes a worldwide phenomenon considering you don’t have to leave your house to work but just at the comfort of your place. Armed with computer / laptop, phone, headset, microphone, webcam (optional as some clients and outsourcing companies require their VAs to have this device) good and fast internet connection and of course your “skills”, you are good for the work from home job.
The Upsurge Of Home Based Jobs
But wait, not all are attuned with the work from home jobs. There are just those who enjoy the company of colleagues in a physical office. There are those who are contented working alone in their house as they can focus more of the tasks while interacting with clients and the team, virtually. Most who do work from home are mothers, as they have the all the time to monitor their kids.

As more entrepreneurs and businesses understand the significance of leveraging the marketing power of social media, small businesses as well as large companies are creating thousands of at-home jobs with the main reason of – having huge savings in the cost of employing physical staff.

Have you ever heard of online project managers, online game developers, appointment setter, managing social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, Google+, customer relation management, blogs, general transcriptionist, web developer, web design, article writer, ghost writer, e-book, proof reader to name a few a decade ago? I guess not as these jobs were totally nonexistent but are now quickly repositioning to the forefront of the virtual world of BPOs and work from home.

According to surveys, work from home not only in the Philippines and India where most hubs in Business Process Outsourcing are situated, are on the rise and interestingly, also in the US where 10% are regularly working from home. UK, Europe and other countries are not spared too.  Notably, there is a 200% increase in virtual jobs posting in the last 18 months through social media according to one study. Employers are constantly on the search through reputable outsourcing agencies for the right people who are more proficient on specific or multiple skills with credible work experiences to back up their work application, more so with tech savvy individuals, to work for them.

This is also a wake up call to those who wanted to work from home. It is not an easy hunt for jobs where, after posting your curriculum vitae online, you just have to sit there and relax and clients’ will just pop-up in front of you to get your service. You have to work your way up, as the competition for this kind of career is tough. There are a thousand and one skilled professionals out there, in the other part of the globe, and are experts in their field who are also on the look out for more rewarding online opportunities. Update and upgrade your skills to be on the top of the competition and get the best clients there is.

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