The Do’s and Don’ts of Telephone Etiquettes for Home Based Agents

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Telephone etiquette is a fundamental part of a customer service business. Home based call agents are expected to have telephone manners and if possible are trained so as to deliver superior customer service.

Do’s and Don’ts of Telephone Etiquettes

Working as Virtual Remote Worker for Hire can at times get boring, dull, and repetitive but you should never let clients sense your emotion and get a wrong impression. Each call should be treated with enthusiasm, sympathetic and with concern if the caller is raising an issue.

Otherwise, you are immediately establishing those calls up for failure if you sound bored during conversations with clients.

When you take customer calls, as much as possible, have a pleasant and friendly voice. Don’t sound bored or disinterested, as this will reflect in the expression of your voice.

Most of virtual assistants that are able to close and seal deals are those who…

  • Demonstrate confidence
  • Knowledgeable of the products and services he or she is selling
  • Friendly
  • With strong customer service approach
  • Has the ability to convince customers and most of all…
  • With excellent phone manners


  1.  Greetings – always greet the person you are conversing with.
  2. Always identify yourself and the company or business you are representing.
  3. Ask the caller, “May I know who I am speaking to?” It is imperative that you know who is on the other line.
  4. Smile when you answer your calls. The other party will hear the smile in your voice, even though he/she can’t see it.
  5. Practice good listening skills.
  6. Be eager, considerate and courteous.
  7. Be as helpful as you can in addressing concerns and issues.
  8. Ask questions, pay attention about the caller’s concerns and show you care.
  9. If there is a problem, be concerned, empathetic, and apologetic.
  10. Speak Clearly – smile while talking on the phone and speak slowly and clearly, enunciate your words so the person on the other line will understand what you are talking about.
  11. Be aware of the position of your headset’s mouthpiece. Regularly check your mouthpiece while you’re working to ensure it is properly positioned based on the manual. Take note that the recommended position for the microphone on most headset models is two fingers’ width from your mouth.
  12.  Before placing a caller on hold, ask their consent first and thank them.
It is sensible to return a call than to put one on hold for too long. Click To Tweet
  1. It is advisable to return calls promptly that have been left on voicemail. If you can’t simply give time to do it, it’s  better to hire a Telemarketing Virtual Assistant to handle all incoming and outgoing calls on your behalf
  2. Always have your pen and paper readily available to jot down important concerns.
  3. Answer calls by the second or third ring.
  4. Learn how to handle several callers simultaneously with ease and grace.
  5. When ending up a call, make sure the caller or person called hangs up first.
  6. Thank the caller for calling. Ask them to call again if there are has concerns.
  7. If you are the one who called up, thank the other party for his or her time.

virtual assistant on the phone


  1.  Don’t interrupt callers when they are speaking. Let them have the time to express their concerns.
  2. Do not call a customer or client’s home before 8:00AM or after 9:00PM, unless you have prior permission to do so.
  3. Don’t forget to return the call as you promised.
  4. Never answer the phone if you are drinking, eating or chewing gum.
  5. Don’t give your clients and prospected customers the hunch that they are rushed. It is best to return the call when you can give the person the time they need to know and identify the reason for their call.
  6. As much as possible, don’t ever leave a message with someone else or on a voice-mail regarding details of a delinquent account. Instead, leave a message asking the person to call the “Accounting or Billing Department.”
  7. Don’t let callers’ negative or angry voice affect you.
  8. Be flexible and don’t bring your emotions from a previous call into your current call.
  9. Never cough, sneeze or clear your throat directly into the mouthpiece of your headset.
  10. Don’t breathe loudly into the mouthpiece of your headset.
  11.  Don’t make up information when you don’t know the answers to callers’ queries.

Each of us has our own unique talent and skills. Some of us are really good at engaging with other people while others are more expert in the business development aspect. If you are someone who is having a difficult time dealing with an angry customer and manage stress, then it is recommended you use a virtual assistant. Skilled VAs can pitch a sale or two and can answer customer or client concerns to help your business grow and run smoothly.

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