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David Vansteenkiste

David Vansteenkiste,
Real Estate Investor
Boulder, Colorado

"I needed web development at a reasonable price and someone to do maintenance and occasional upgrades that are why I decided to hire a TECH VA. I've hired other VA's before but not for web development. My experience with VAT's hiring process was easy. I have been working with my VA for 6-8 months now. His main task is creating a well-designed, easy to use website. He is performing complex tasks that have a great impact on my business. The website re-design was excellent which is the most evident changes I've seen in my business. Mark has added features and made changes per my request that have really improved the site and helped to automate some items that help reduce my workload and make things easier for my customers."

Successful entrepreneurs hire great Virtual Assistants.
Here's what our happy clients are saying about us.

Ken Aldridge

Ken Aldridge
CEO, Kopius Properties
San Antonio, Texas

"VA Marj is very responsive and truly tries to understand our needs, so she can perform accordingly. Her attention to detail is great. This is critical to our success."

Travis Cody

Travis Cody
Author, When A Book is A Gold Mine
Santa Monica, California

"VA Marie has great communication skills and high-quality work. She has helped in saving me time and helping me to be more organized and productive."

Karl Lawrence

Karl Lawrence
Manager, London Property Online Ltd
Uxbridge, United Kingdom

"VA Romina has been a superb asset and has been instrumental in helping to get our finances organized. I am grateful for all of Romina's endeavor and professional assistance."

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Benny Bercovicz

Benny Bercovicz,
President at Creative Builders Corp.
Real Estate Developer, General Contractor, and Consulting Engineer
Miami, Fort Lauderdale Area

"I cannot say anything bad about VA Weng. She was helping me with everything. She was making appointments for me, doing research, checking on purchasing stuff, basically handling all the administrative stuff. I forgot to tell you that when she first came on board, she was handling my Social Media campaigns, that was the first thing she did. My first concern with a VA was the communication, and she understood exactly what I was talking about and I didn't have to repeat myself more than once, my overall experience with her was wonderful. Having people that understand the business world and the no communication barrier aspect were the most important aspect. I'm sure that all of your VA's are qualified to do what they're doing but the communication aspect of it is very important because if you communicate clearly and you understand what you are supposed to do, then if you are qualified to do it, obviously you will do it right! Yes, I would recommend VA Weng to other clients. And I wanna say that Weng is good if not better than any Executive Assistant that you can have in your own office."

Successful entrepreneurs hire great Virtual Assistants.
Here's what our happy clients are saying about us.

Scott Hamilton
CEO Executive Next Practices Institute
Orange County, California

"Our organization has found Virtual Assistant Talent to be an excellent and consistent source of support for all of our social media, white papers, research, blogs and other support. The VAT team is responsive and acutely tuned in to our C-Suite membership and programs. They get our highest endorsement."

Dr. Stella Utah
Natural Health Practitioner
Landsdale, Pennsylvania

"VA Weng help me to manage my time, assist with daily assignments, research and get the work done. With VAT's services my ministry is able to achieve its goal, a great deal such as creating a blog site, content writing and managing my social media accounts."

Larry Cabaldon
Boardroom Performance Group
Irvine, California

"I’m now on the right track for my social market efforts. If you are frustrated with your progress in implementing your social media campaign, I highly recommend John Davern and Virtual Assistant Talent to help you quickly and cost effectively reach your objectives."

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Ken Varga

Ken Varga,
CEO at The Insurance and Financial Advisor Marketing Group Greater New York City Area
Creating Customers LLC

"I would like to Thank You for all that you have done for me for the past 3 years. Your Virtual Assistants have performed remarkably. At first I thought there might be a problem because of the country differences, but after two weeks I realized how well your VA's work and are trained. Since my method of creating customers is via the Internet, most of the work of the VA that I hired through your, was to post comments and follow up. This method resulted in creating 10 new clients on average each month. All of my business goals have been achieved via your Virtual Assistant. I would highly recommend anyone who wants to take their business to the next level, to try it out."

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Cristine Gilmet
Real Estate Investor
Toronto, Canada

"Annabelle (VA) is a joy to work with, very professional, and is diligent in her understanding of my wants and needs. If my request is unclear - as one was very unclear - she has no problem contacting me immediately and asking me to clarify, this is very important and much appreciated."

Angela Moseley
CEO, The Moseley & Jones Team
Mc Kinney, Texas

"Gerard was the best investment into a VA Assistant we have personally ever made. Gerard was professional & polished with our prospects all the way around. He really gave it 110% on the phone to convert our leads. We would highly recommend Gerard to anyone looking to increase their business by leveraging their time. HIRE GERARD!"

Chris Carlson
Real Estate Investor
Minnetonka, Minessota

"While employed by my company, Gerard helped process several hundred buyer prospects. He was very professional and always made sure that each one was handled professionally. I would recommend Gerard to any real estate agent searching for a way to be more productive in the field. Thanks VA Talent!"

From good business to great business.
The difference lies in hiring a reliable Virtual Assistant from us.

Ken Varga

Bruce Sankin,
President of Financial Help Centers, Inc.
Coral Springs, Florida

"My original project was to get additional exposure to my prospects (insurance agents and financial advisors) on LinkedIn. My VA began joining discussion groups, connecting with agents, and sending emails. By the end of the second week my ‘view rate’ had increased by 40%. By the end of the fifth week, it increased by 75%. I followed up with my new LinkedIn connections; and set up additional appointments. The VA did exactly what I needed, since I did not have the personal time to do it myself. I would highly recommend John Davern and his VA service."

Here's how our VA helped our customer gain more clients by marketing for him on LinkedIn.

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