Technology Specialist Virtual Assistant / Agent

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Are you techy, updated with the current trend and technologies, creative and speak geek? If yes, then you are IN with the hottest home based work in the world of computing – Technology specialist agent.
Technology Specialist Virtual Assistant / Agent
Don’t be left behind. You need not to work in an office set up just to get this kind of career as long as you have strong internet connection and the skills to do the job.  Step out of your comfort zone and be updated with the technology trends.  Start exploring the countless new opportunities the world wide web has to offer.

You may ask what a technology specialist is. Technology Specialists are mostly professionals with a degree in computer-related fields or certificate programs for general IT skills, highly skilled and trained individuals and are well versed with core technologies such as JAVA, HTML, PHP, mobile application development, flash and a lot more. Most of this computer geeks build or upgrade computer systems, design and create the technology that we often use like computers, tablets and smart phones.

Technology specialist virtual assistant / agent performs the following but not limited to:

  • Web Programmers: Web Programmers create, design and modify all aspects of a website, diagnose issues, make adjustments and trouble shoot problems.
  • Tech Support Agents: Virtually troubleshoots customer’s computer related issues and concerns, and  restores computers, wireless routers and other tech devices.
  • Software Developers: Software Developers design, create the programs and applications that we use on our computers, tablets and smart phones.

Don’t let your business suffer because of the obsolete programs and soft wares you are keeping and using for ages in your computer and no knowledgeable person to support, update and upgrade your system.

Be competitive. Be at the edge. Call our hotline number at 1.866. 596.9041 and discuss with one of our dynamic Virtual Assistant Talent client representatives your business need and how to boost your online presence.

Hire your virtual assistant from the best virtual assistant company in town – Virtual Assistant Talent.

We are proud to be a Better Business Bureau Accredited Company (

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