STOP MULTITASKING! What Startups Do (And Maybe You Should Too)

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Managing time and resources has been a huge challenge for founders of startups and small businesses. There’s always that urge to do everything on your own but extreme multitasking often times results to burnout and missed deadlines.

However, as a startup you often don’t have the space or resources available to hire that extra employee you badly need. That’s why the number of small business owners using a virtual assistant (VA) to do daily tasks has increased in recent years.

VA’s or remote workers are also an affordable investment in the growth of your business—especially if you outsource to countries like the Philippines where rates are lower compared to hiring locally. See  what these entrepreneurs and startups have to say:

stop multitasking, hire virtual assistants

Why Should My Startup Use a Virtual Assistant?

Outsourcing to a virtual assistant will dramatically reduce the time you spend on administrative tasks, and increase the time you can commit to growing your business.

The value proposition of a VA deals with how you monetize your time. If you monetize it at $50/hour and you can pay a VA $6/hour to handle administrative tasks, this frees up time for you to create real value in your business by developing new features or expanding marketing efforts.

My VA’s have saved me literally hundreds of hours over the past few years.

–  Jason Cohen,

Virtual Assistant is a Startup’s Secret Weapon

Virtual assistants aren’t just for executives anymore. For many startups and small business owners, VA’s offer an obvious benefit. They are a big time saver during a phase in a company’s growth where it may not be viable to have a full-time employee.

Don’t limit your scope to just personal assistant tasks — startups and small businesses use VA’s for things like bookkeeping, social media, design, web development, email management, marketing administration and so much more.

Renée Warren,


I Was Bogged in Repetition

I knew I needed a VA when I found myself doing a lot of repetitive tasks on a daily basis. I’ve worked with a number of VA’s over the years and I found the relationship most beneficial when I could outsource time consuming, yet simple, repetitive tasks. You want to avoid spending too much time explaining or reviewing projects so that you can maximize the time savings of having a VA in the first place.

Nicolas Gremion,

Avoid what you dislike

There are certain things that, no matter how hard we try to accept, somehow we end up avoiding them, and then avoiding them some more, and then it becomes a huge problem that we wish we just handled in the first place. Why not let your VA handle it? She is there to assist you so you could do your job better, and that should be a good-enough reason to want to hire one.

…And there’s someone to rely on

It’s a very uncertain period of your life and nothing is constant. Things are changing, people are coming and going, new ideas are being brought to the table while others are discarded… Hiring a dependable assistant can mean the world to you right now. It could possibly be the only person you know you can rely on to help you handle everything. And right now, that’s a big thing.

Get your productivity back by letting go. Hiring virtual assistants can help you focus on the bigger picture. Grow your business by doing the core tasks and let others take care of those you shouldn’t be doing.

If you need help or not sure how to start, contact us at our main number 1-866-596-9041 (510-400-8006 local). We have client representatives on standby from 8am to 9pm EST to assist you with any questions.

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