Smart And Creative Ways To Promote A Business

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Starting up your own business is sensational, and promoting your enterprise is a challenge. How can you promote your business and bring your brand in front of potential prospects when you are on a shoestring budget or just starting up? How can you endorse, disseminate and get the word of your business in the most affordable way?

There are a thousand and one ways and strategies to promote a small business without spending a fortune.

ways and strategies to promote a small business

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    1. Define your market – Determine the best way you can reach your market after you know who your best prospects are.
    2. Create your own website – Your website is where you sell and promote your products and services. If you don’t have the technical skills to do this, there are a lot of Web design & development packages online to help you.
    3. Establish business profile and join social media – Make lots of noise so your brand can penetrate the market by using social media – for free.
    4. List your business in local search engine directories – By listing your business on free ads or paid ads like craigslist, you have the chance to get customers.
    5. Create a blog – Blogs let you connect to your audience comfortably and easily.
    6. Newsletter

Newsletter: effective type of campaign – announce what’s new & what’s happening. Click To Tweet

  1. Email campaign – Just like the newsletter, email campaign is a form of marketing campaign that lets you connect with your customers.
  2. Network with others who have the same business as yours – There are a lot of social media platforms where you can network your business and connect with entrepreneurs who are on the same or similar business that you have.
  3. Run a PPC or the pay per click campaign.
  4. Create videos of your products and upload on YouTube, Vimeo and other free video sharing sites.
  5. Optimize your site with local keywords.
  6. Revisit your keywords, search and analyze your competition – You have to check your standing on the search tools so you know far you are from your competition.
  7. Have a calling card and letterhead – In every business, a calling card and letterhead is a must. This is one of the oldest and most common marketing strategies.
  8. Organize a contest and or online promotion – This kind of strategy perks up the curiosity of clients and by spreading the news, your organization has been promoted through word of the mouth.

Organize a contest and or online promotion

  1. Encourage referrals – Encourage referrals and give token in every successful referral as gratuity to the person recommending your site.
  2. Webinar – Using webinar to invite and inform prospective clients around the globe is one of the most effective tool in promoting your products and services.

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Some of the creative ways a virtual assistant can help you are…

  • Infographics marketing – Make your business blog more visually appealing by using infographics! Readers love this type of visual element and will most likely share it in social media.
  • Design opt-in pop-ups – a lot of web design services offer newsletter opt-in pop-ups to help increase subscriptions.
  • Create online flyers and posters – best for local businesses but can also work with any business. A VA can design flyers that you or your team can spread out into the streets.
  • Search for call for speakers – You can offer to be a speaker to industry conferences, organizations, and local business groups. A VA can search for speaking benefits that will help you benefit from contacts and publicity.
  • Got a contest or promo in mind? A VA can promote it on social media – a photo contest via Instagram is one of the great ways to go viral. A virtual assistant can still promote it on your Facebook page, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. so others can know about your giveaway!

Sometimes, you don’t know who’s finding their ways to your website – they may be just looking around and shopping or is there to really buy an item or two.

A creative and effective marketing strategy will save you time and money. Treat your customers as someone who you want to get impact on. The thing there is you must leave a good impression to those visiting your website.

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