Simple and Effective Ways to De-Stress at Work

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Ways to De-Stress at WorkWork related stresses can most of the time take a toll not only with family and friends but also on your health. Call center agents and home based workers get the unhealthy benefits of working in unholy hours – graveyard shift. We hear a great deal of people complaining not only health related issues but the stress of dealing with difficult clients and customers.

Many advise not to bring your office work at home but, what if your work is from home? If we introduce and incorporate stress reduction techniques in our day to day activities, one can certainly manage stress at work before it turns into some family trouble or serious health issues.

Simple and effective ways to de-stress yourself at during work from home:

1)    Conducive workplace – Working from home is quite advantageous to some but you should create a working environment that is less noisy as not to distract your work. As much as possible, don’t work from your bed because the tendency is that you will get lazy and doze off instead of being energetic at work. Have a table and comfortable chair to work at instead.

2)    Stretch – If you are one of those who are stuck in their desks, working in front of their PCs or laptops for hours and hours, get up every now and then and do simple stretching techniques and loosen the tensions in your muscles.

3)    Sip a cup of hot green tea – According to health experts, sipping a cup of green tea instead of a cup of coffee is more beneficial. Though both contain caffeine to keep you alert, but a cup of green tea is effective for relaxation and stress reduction.

4)    Organize your desk – A cluttered desk is an eye sore and adds up to your stress because if you’re looking for something and can’t find it, it will bring tension and make you angry. Solution is to keep your desk tidy as much as possible.

5)    Have a correct posture – Poor sitting position has a negative effect on your body and working condition. Sit properly and don’t slouch.

6)    Lighting – Reduce eyestrain by having a soft and indirect lighting in your working station.

7)    Rest your eyes – Give your mind and eyes a breather from a long time of staring at your computer. Give your eyes some break from your computer screen and look at an object that is from a distance to relax and give your eyes some stretch.

8)    Massage – be kind and give yourself a break. After a week of working, treat yourself to a soothing body massage to loosen those tight muscles.

9)    Get some fresh air – As much as possible, try to indulge in a nature activity like a walk at the park or a walk around your neighborhood will restore the energy in you.

10)   Be thankful – Yes, be thankful for all the blessings that come in your way. Not everyone is blessed with skills that are set to compete in the virtual assistance industry.

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