Should You Have a Mailing List on Your Website?

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Your business is growing so are your customers. The customers you retained or those have been visiting your website are the ones giving you business. What should you do to keep them and have that strong business relationship with them? There are a hundred ways you can actually keep in contact with them.

mailing list

In the past, mailing lists were sent and accomplished through the postal system. Nowadays, with the widespread use and upturn of the Internet, the electronic mail lists are now the most used tool in the business. Subscribers have the option to subscribe or unsubscribe if they don’t like the company or the offers at any time they want.

If your customer is happy with your products and services, they are then eager to know what’s coming up, new offers and new products you have for your market. Many entrepreneurs are just contented when people are visiting their website and buying an item or two. After the purchase is made, they don’t make an effort to follow up their customers. By doing so, instead of enticing the customer to come back and purchase more, they go and find another seller and you lost not only a patron but also money.

What is a mailing list?

A mailing list simply a list of addresses from people interested in hearing about your new products, freebies, new service, promotions or just about anything you want to share to your customers through electronic mail.

How a mailing list works:

  • Broadcast email about updates and releases to customers and people who subscribed to your mailing list.
  • These are more like a channel where business owners are free to market and talk over their new products, promotions and event topics.
  • Mailing list acts as support.  It’s like a technique of an exchange of views list but reserved for customers to ask support questions.

How to have a mailing list:

  1. Create an opt-in page.  When you have something to offer to your customers either online they will voluntarily sign up and give you their email address. Or during a meeting when they hand you their business cards so you can send them emails.
  2. Purchase a list. Work with a list provider to secure and purchase a list of 1,000 to 5,000 names and email addresses based on demographic or who lived in a certain place for information
  3. Rent a list. You can identify people to email but you can never actually own the list. Since you are just renting email list form a provider, you cannot see the email address of the people you are sending emails with.

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