Sales Representative/Telemarketing Virtual Assistant

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In a company, sales and marketing are the core ingredients why a business grows or flops. It is the lifeline of every trade and industry.

Marketing before is very different from what it is now today. Gone are the days when a sales representative has to go to the client onsite to personally present the company’s products and services though some businesses may still do that for follow up and for personal touch.

Sales Representative/Telemarketing Virtual Assistant

Just imagine your staff going for just one client the whole day or hours for a business presentation – very time consuming and cumbersome indeed for the employee. These leads to a lot of time wasted especially when the deal is not closed.

With the computer age, bringing in profit to your business is just a click away. Selling your products and services, marketing and branding with the help of virtual office services is the best option—be it for a part-time or full time work.

A virtual sales and marketing assistant has the expertise and skills to generate sales and leads locally or across the globe. He or she is greatly vital to your success in online commerce and most importantly, to help you manage your time effectively.

What a Sales and Marketing Virtual Admin Assistant Can Do:

  • Promote sales
  • Develop new customers and accounts
  • Represent product lines
  • Educate clients in product offering and product services.
  • Business to Business or B2B sales
  • Business to Customers or B2C sales
  • Managing your website
  • Blogging and Social media marketing
  • Online marketing strategies
  • Online lead generation
  • Cold calling

Making the best choice

Sales and Marketing Virtual Admin Assistant Can Do

Finding the right sales & marketing assistant isn’t only time consuming but can be frustrating too. Click To Tweet

Based on your requirements and using our extensive HR and recruiting experience, we will provide you three (3) cream of the crop candidates for your final consideration in terms of skills, qualifications, experience, hours needed (part-time, full-time, work shift) and pay range.

Once you have chosen the right sales and marketing VA, we are still there to assist you with your concerns with our ever-reliable HR staff and client representatives, 24/7.

Our Virtual Sales Assistants and Telemarketers are trained to make high volume outbound sales calls, including cold calling to sell client’s products and services; and appointment setting to create leads for your business.

Staff clock in and clock out are done so you are assured that your assistant is working for you during their shift. If clients have concerns or dispute with the work and the daily time record, we can provide screen captures of your VA’s work for reference.

In this way, there’s no hidden agenda between the virtual assistant, client and the Virtual Assistant Talent Services as all cards are laid on the table with the intent to be transparent. Quality of work and assurance is what we can guarantee to all our clients.

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