Productively Spending Christmas in Times of Calamities

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Bohol, Ormoc, Cebu, Tacloban, Samar, Palawan, and other provinces of the Philippines and other parts of the world have not been spared by calamities. A very strong earthquake and super typhoon Haiyan, a category 5 storm also known as typhoon Yolanda in the Philippines is the strongest storm surge ever to hit the Philippines and the world in 2013 and probably the most powerful recorded tropical cyclone to ever hit land.

Spending Christmas in Times of Calamities

People are left homeless, no food, sick, no clothes, and lost loved ones. Broken dreams are what are left with most of the people, but life must go on with the living.

There are a hundred and one ways to celebrate Christmas. We can party all we want, buy gifts for ourselves, family and friends, eat all we can and spend as much as we want and more. In this Yuletide season, let’s make our Christmas more meaningful by spending our time and extra blessings to those who were affected by the calamities.

We can share our Christmas in these simple ways.

  1. Sharing your extra blessings with the people affected by the calamities by giving relief goods.
  2. Organize a relief operation with friends.
  3. Be a volunteer in relief operations and gain friends.
  4. Organize a feeding program.
  5. Spend your Christmas or a day with special children or those in the orphanage.
  6. Give time to the elderly people in the home for the aged.
  7. Visit hospitals – like for children with cancer, the elderly, etc.
  8. Join in the church and other organizations that are having outreach programs.

We always say that Christmas is the time for love, sharing and giving. Children and adults alike are very eager for Christmas time because of the festivity and joy it brings when we remember the birth of Jesus Christ. It’s not only how we put Christmas lights, decorate the Christmas tree and placing gifts under it but it’s also  the real meaning of why we celebrate Christmas.

Giving and sharing our blessings does not mean breaking your wallet but by how heartily we share what we receive from God. Being a volunteer is also a great way to show our care. It’s your calling on how you really want to productively spend your Christmas and share your blessings to those who are in need, not only materially but in thoughtfulness, kindness and love.

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