Online Reputation Management and Brand Monitoring

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Over the years, with the inception of the World Wide Web, information from personal to business operation and corporate branding are openly read, commented and criticized, praised or bad-mouthed.

High risk factors that blogs and social media convey; and orchestrated online attacks definitely create a stir. People have been so comfortable with the freedom of speech and it has ultimately changed how we conceive things and deliver news to the community.

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I bet you don’t want to smear the reputation you have been building for months or years, do you? Unfortunately, there is no quick way to clear negative posts about you or your company and business.

Online Reputation Management and Brand Monitoring

Maintaining a strong, positive online reputation takes painstaking tactic and time. It is not something that is built overnight.

But you can manage to take back that lost and besmirch credibility that is spreading like a virus online, flooding the search engines by having a solid online presence with good, consistent rankings in the search engines.

A virtual assistant can help you:

  1. Monitor and pay attention to what others are saying about you, your business, brand, products, services and your company.
  2. Create online omni-presence and maintaining that presence on top of the search engines.
  3. Manage and maintain your social media accounts so you will be updated on what’s happening around the business circle.
  4. SEO Complete Solution Packages: Consistency in ranking through Search Engine Optimization by making sure that your audience and clients searches the right keywords and story about you.
  5. Manage and build strong online reputation

Manage and build strong online reputation

There are readily available ORM tracking tools and software online such as:

  • BrandsEye
  • Buzzmonitor
  • Reputation Defender
  • Trackur
  • Umbria
  • Brand Intelligence
  • Biz360
  • Distilled Reputation Monitor
  • Social tracer
  • Radian6
  • Review Pro
  • Revinate
  • Olery

And more…

Just a single complaint, malicious, unfavorable contents showing on the first page of search engines, gossips and or negative feedbacks can seriously damage your hard-earned business, company and your personal reputation. Stop leakages, destructive online criticism and…

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They can significantly increase resource availability, defend and protect your reputation by countering negative write-ups, document management, monitor and issue tracking.

An Online Reputation Management Virtual Assistant Talent can manage, monitor and maintain your social media accounts, counter negative feedbacks that are being bashed against you, solidify your online presence and bring your business on top rank of the search engines in good standing.

  • Trust is hard to gain. Becoming a well-respected business is important in gaining new customers and retaining them.
  • First impressions may not last, but it sure does count. Your brand name shown on search results and the associated reports can make an impact to the readers. “Scam” and “rip off” should alert you to do something about your reputation.
  • Positive word of mouth. Work out on your PR strategy. Join popular and related local events that will help spread the word about your brand. Do some sponsorship as well.
  • Develop a blog with informative content.  The VA can publish articles about helpful tips, industry trends, the company and your team, and other interesting topics. Blogging is a great way to get your word out and attract traffic to your website.
  • Create presence on major social media profiles. Allow your business to appear multiple times on Google and other search engines by creating accounts on the biggest networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and YoutTube.

Don’t put yourself in further crisis. Manage both your business and personal reputation now. Repair and have your credibility back on track. One should never ignore the cost of bad reputation and poor search engine results. Hope you can apply these key tactics and help you achieve a successful online brand reputation.

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