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Project management is the core part in every business. Most often than not the result of a project is highly influenced by the preliminary stages of a project that is from preparation, development to monitoring projects. It is generally important for small businesses where only a few people work, who have to communicate and develop the workflow.

Project Manager

Project management is the work of superintending a project to ensure it meets its objectives, budget and time line. However, this entails many processes once it is directed to projects within large organizations and involving several people.

Project management and collaboration tools

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  1. Team box
  2. Project turf
  3. Apollo
  4. Basecamp
  5. Huddle
  6. Lighthouse
  7. One hub workspaces
  8. Viewpath
  9. Project bubble
  10. Hyper Office
  11. Easy projects


  1. Go plan
  2. Action method
  3. Apps 4 Rent


  1. Freed camp
  2. Smart sheet
  3. Podio
  4. Asana

What does it takes to be a project manager?

Effective project management entails a clear-cut set of skills, information, flexibility, and ingenious problem solving. Experienced project managers know that along with years of experience comes a greater understanding of the complex interrelationships between all parts of a project from set-up to completion.

Project managers generally design plan using the Critical Path Method (CPM) which is used to determine the timeline and order in which a project is taking place, what activities need to take place first down to the hourly level and the resources needed.

Having introduced, instigated and planned the project, the online project manager is now ready to transmit development to the management and the organization, keep team members notified and updated on what is expected of them and ensure that the resources used by the team are the finest available as per available budget.

The traditional approach to project management, which is the standard for the project management of a project, is the five-project management process – Initiate, Plan, Execute, MonitorControl and Close. The processes of project management should be carefully tackle by the project manager and performed by the project team.

Identifying and defining in detail what the project is supposed to accomplish is the main job of a project manager.

Then, a project manager must prepare a schedule, assign tasks to team members and set deadlines for each task.

As the project start off, the manager must corroborate team members have the needed resources to achieve their goals. The project manager must also determine a budget and ensure that it contains enough to cover unexpected probabilities without allowing unreasonable cost overruns.

Globalization has made collaboration the lifeblood of many modern businesses and many people all around the world are working from their home. As an entrepreneur, don’t be left behind of what the world of online management has to offer. Be updated. Be at par or go beyond what your competition have. Be on the top.

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