Mobile Business Application (Mobile App)

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Technology has made life easier and convenient. From remote controlled home appliances to computers, tablets and smartphones. Businesses are not only embracing the social media hype but also the mobile applications (mobile apps) bandwagon. Since phones had become an essential part of a businessman’s gadgets, mobile phone manufacturers are getting into the trend of defining and creating mobile application for business, competing on who can give that edge to consumers and the best deals in town.

Mobile Business Application (Mobile App)

Mobile application developers’ key decision is to clout the exceptional capacities and potentials of mobile devices for businesses. Many entrepreneurs are now creating their own applications that best suit their business for the purpose of being present in the market while promoting their products and services. But, there are a thousand and one mobile business applications in the market for free or for a minimal fee.

Most smartphones are rolled up and packed with the basic messaging apps like SMS (text messaging), IM (instant messaging) e-mail, video call conference, calendar, contact lists, Microsoft, Excel, PowerPoint version and games. Aside from these basic features, you can download thousands of other apps to customize your mobile business experience. Apps are the smartphone programs we use every day to communicate and collaborate with colleagues, business partners, clients, family and friends.  With the right business applications, your smartphone can be your best buddy and cogent diary.

Here are few mobile business applications

  1.    Workshare – you can connect, collaborate and control. Its technology lets you compare text-based PDF or Word documents against multiple modified versions or revisions at any level — paragraph, line, word, or character — quickly and accurately. All changes are highlighted, even in embedded tables, lists, contents pages, and field codes. And you can prompt reviewers to prioritize particular types of changes, such as numbering, punctuation, spelling, or style.
  2.   Dropbox for teams – the dropbox version for teams let you work where you need it.  Dropbox syncs your important work across all your devices. Your files are backed up and you can even return to older versions or restore deleted files. And getting started has never been simpler. Free trial and subscription is based on team size.
  3.    Evernote for business – remember everything – capture anything and save your ideas, things you like, things you hear and things you see. Access anywhere – works with nearly every computer, phone and mobile device out there. Finding things fast – search by keywords, tag or even printed and handwritten text inside images. Free download on Android.
  4.    UXProductivity – Write anywhere. Word processor for iPad & iPhone
that’s way beyond Pages. Download on Apple store for $24.99 and $14.99 on Itunes store.
  5.    Speaktoit – the highest rated talking personal assistant to your smartphone or tablet. Your Speaktoit Assistant performs tasks, answer questions, notifies you about important events, and more. Download on Google play, Apple store, Windows’ phone and Windows’ store for free.
  6.    Point N Time – dedicated to providing robust, relevant and superior mobile and cloud solutions to help our partners drive revenue, increases sales, improve team performance and grow their business

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