FREE Webinar Learn How to Use to Market Your Business and Generate New Prospects Every Month!

Linkedin Webinar

Webinar Replay: Key Strategies to Create 20 New Prospects per Month Using Linkedin

Check out our FREE Linkedin Marketing Webinar on How to Use to market your business and generate new prospects each month!

We cover new techniques not covered on our previous free Linkedin webinars on how to leverage your account to generate more prospects and build your opt-in/marketing lists.

Ken Varga

This webinar features Ken Varga, who has built 35 successful, profitable businesses in his career of 38 years.

One of Ken’s off-line businesses had over 460,000 ongoing customers.
He has also developed and sold multiple businesses for over 9 figures.

John Davern Jr.

Virtual Assistant Talent’s very own CEO, John Davern, is also featured on the webinar to provide helpful tips. John Davern covers effective ways to implement these Linkedin marketing techniques.

LinkedIn Marketing Done For You
Connecting with local professionals in your area.

Chris Egan

Chris Egan,
Mortgage Broker
Huntington Beach, California

"I thought that hiring a Virtual Assistant would be a good way to have someone make connections for me on LI(LinkedIn). I haven't hired any VA before but I would like to have someone take care of my social media marketing and help me run adds on FB by hiring a Virtual Assistant. Ken Varga was the one who introduced me to VAT. My experience with their hiring process to get me started was good. VA Faith has helped me connect with local professionals in my area. She is doing more than the basic tasks. She has prepared an excel spreadsheet of all my contacts. The greatest benefit that I've seen on my business since my hired VA started working for me was I have been able to make connections but I would like some help with a follow-up marketing plan to further my relationship with these professionals."

Check out one of our featured webinars that is most applicable to your business:

  • For Business Owners (including Real Estate Agents/Investors, Entrepreneurs, & any small business owners):
    Marketing on for Business Owners (Including Real Estate Agents & Brokers, Real Estate Investors, Entrepreneurs/Small Business Owners) – Wednesday, March 15 at 8AM-9AM PST (11AM-12PM EST) – CLICK VIDEO BELOW TO WATCH WEBINAR REPLAY

  • For Insurance Agents:
    Marketing on for Insurance Agents – Thursday, March 16 at 8AM-9AM PST (11AM-12PM EST) – CLICK VIDEO BELOW TO WATCH WEBINAR REPLAY

  • For Network Marketers:
    Marketing on for Network Marketers – Thursday, March 23 at 8AM-9AM PST (11AM-12PM EST) – CLICK VIDEO BELOW TO WATCH WEBINAR REPLAY

Linkedin business has evolved from merely connecting with people to building relationships and sharing meaningful information to extended network.

So go on, take advantage of our free Linkedin training and make your profile a notch better than it was before. Reach out to the right audience and start establishing your authority.

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For one-on-one consultation Linkedin help, feel free to give us a call at 1-866-596-9041 and talk to one of our LinkedIn expert VAs.

Customer Service is What Sets Us Apart
Complete resolution for a positive customer experience.

Vera Wang

Vera Wang,
CEO at Posh Public
Dallas, Texas

"Your Customer Service is really good. I really like you and your team and I like how quick you resolve the issue. I really like Faith, she’s been working really hard. She is proactive. She listens to the instructions really well. So far everything is doing good at the moment and I’m really happy. We didn’t get a real client yet, all of them are still prospects but we are already getting responses and we did schedule 2 opponents already. We are getting responses which are really good and I guess we should just continue to do what we do. I want to empower Faith to give her more and let her be more involved as well. I want to see her capability if she is more involved.I think Faith is doing a great job, with everything properly recorded and she has been working on the tasks we mentioned. We don’t need to improve anything. I’m really happy with everything. I think she is perfect!"

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