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Most businesses don’t or have never linked their website to their social media accounts. By doing such, they are not fully utilizing their online presence through the power of social media. This is a mistake that an entrepreneur should correct this 2014 if he wants to get more of the market share and be present in the world of online business.

Syncing and integrating all your social media accounts is somewhat fiddly but by devoting time to introduce and institute your web presence, it will give you a great if not an outstanding result.

As we all know, there are a number of platforms available for free or for a minimal fee for personal and for business use. But most social networking sites are readily available for free and small time entrepreneurs don’t have to worry about shelling out a few dollars to promote their business.

There are tools that can help you track your web presence to show how far you are from your competitors, comparison and how influential you are or your business is.

  1. SEOSearch Engine Optimization is good for your website. If you rank good in the search engine, it brings brand awareness and eventually increases your sales.
  2. Connect – You have to connect with your audience and customers by liking their page, inviting them to like your page, commenting on their post that is relevant to your business. This is one way of promoting your product, service and brand in general.
  3. Social media awareness – we have mentioned connection. How are you going to connect to your audience? Connect by having social media accounts like FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Vimeo, Instagram, Pinterest and more.
  4. Be visible – make your social media icons visible on your website. This way, your audience will not have a hard time looking for you on your social media accounts. Lead them to your social media accounts.
  5. Engaging social media pages – Just because you have multiple social media account does not mean you are already on the edge of the competition. You have to work hard and create engaging pages of your social media accounts so that your audience will be enticed to check on what’s happening on your page. Be creative, be socially engaging.
  6. Business page – make sure your social media links go directly to your business page and not to your personal social media accounts.
  7. Connect your social media accounts to each other – Say, you want to connect your Pinterest post to your FB, Twitter, Google +­. It is easy because there is already an option on Pinterest to connect your pin to these social media platform. There are tools where you can easily handle and connect all your social media accounts in one place.
  8. Connect your social media platform to your website – When you connect your social media platforms to your website, you are actually doing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which is good for your website and business.

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