Human Resources Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant Talent LLC (VAT LLC) delivers effective recruiting and human resource services to small-businesses, medium-sized enterprises, Fortune 100 companies and start-ups in all industries. We work with short-term, project-based, recurring or long-term HR project assignments.

Our CEO, John Davern Jr., has a BA in Labor & Industrial Relations from Pennsylvania State University and an MBA in Human Resources from Duquesne University. With his guidance and initiative, he started revolutionizing companies by helping them cut down their labor cost while saving their time by introducing Human Resource Virtual Assistants (HRVA).


A Human Resource Virtual Assistant (HRVA) is an off-site independent contractor who offers administrative, clerical and human resource services virtually; meaning through the use of internet, email, phone, fax or text. HRVA's are considered self-employed, independent contractors with no payroll taxes to pay, no vacation leaves, no sick leaves, no holiday pay, no employee benefits and no internal conflicts to work around. Our VA can almost do everything just like your regular HR office employee except that you get to keep them for a fraction of the normal cost.


  • You don't have the time to set-up your own Human Resource Team or HR Department.
  • You have your own HR team/department but doesn't have enough manpower to complete immediate human resource tasks and activities.
  • You are a busy entrepreneur and doesn't have the luxury of time to focus on managing time-consuming human resource administration.
  • You want to focus more on growing your business and be able to delegate repetitive tasks that can be done by others.
  • You simply need help in human resource department but cannot afford the cost of hiring an in-office HR employee.

What Virtual HR Services Do We Provide and Support?

Job Posting / Job Ads Management
Sending Work Requirements & Job Contracts
Applicant Screening Resume / Profile Review Background Checking Administer Screening Tests Initial Phone Interviews Book In-Office Physical Interviews

Human Resource
Preparing Job Offers Applicant Tracking System
Database Mgmt. of Employee Files
Facilitate New Hire Orientation
Employee Payroll Tracking
Employee Attendance Tracking
Sending Congratulatory Email for New Hires
Pipeline Development

Contact us for any customized HR work requirements and we'll do it for you.


Significant decrease in labor cost

Significant decrease in labor cost & no overhead cost. Huge savings!

Only pay for the amount of time

Only pay for the amount of time spent on your assigned task unlike having an in-office HR employee that you have to keep busy.

Hire HRVA's with proven human resource expertise and diverse skill set

Hire HRVA's with proven human resource expertise and diverse skill set. We only hire the best.

Quality work output

Quality work output and deliverables all submitted in a timely manner.

No-obligation contract

No-obligation contract for you! Extreme convenience as work completed automatically means end of the project if you want to.

No training expenses for specialized skills

No training expenses for specialized skills as all of our HRVA's are experts in their specialized field.

Being able to delegate from basic tasks to highly complicated activities

Being able to delegate from basic tasks to highly complicated activities that has huge impact on your business.

you can focus more in growing your business

With us, you can focus more in growing your business as we have you covered on all of your HR administrative activities.

Successful entrepreneurs hire great Virtual Assistants.
Here's what our happy clients are saying about us.

Cristine Gilmet
Real Estate Investor
Toronto, Canada

"Annabelle (VA) is a joy to work with, very professional, and is diligent in her understanding of my wants and needs. If my request is unclear - as one was very unclear - she has no problem contacting me immediately and asking me to clarify, this is very important and much appreciated."

Angela Moseley
CEO, The Moseley & Jones Team(Fathom Realty)
Mc Kinney, Texas

"Gerard was the best investment into a VA Assistant we have personally ever made. Gerard was professional & polished with our prospects all the way around. He really gave it 110% on the phone to convert our leads. We would highly recommend Gerard to anyone looking to increase their business by leveraging their time. HIRE GERARD!"

Chris Carlson
Real Estate Investor
Minnetonka, Minessota

"While employed by my company, Gerard helped process several hundred buyer prospects. He was very professional and always made sure that each one was handled professionally. I would recommend Gerard to any real estate agent searching for a way to be more productive in the field. Thanks VA Talent!"

Focus On What You Do Best!
Our Virtual Assistant Will Take Care Of The Rest.
You don't have to do it all by yourself.