How a Video Marketing Virtual Assistant Can Help You in Your Business

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Businesses closed due to recession. Countless individuals got jobless for a month or even years. But, there are those who took the risk of investing into a small business to either augment their income or as the main source of income for the family.  Starting, launching and making your business on the World Wide Web is sometimes a daunting task especially when you don’t know how to make your presence visible on the internet.
John Davern

Your main goal: Get as much market share, educate customers of your products and services and online omnipresence of the business in an informative and entertaining style.

How to achieve your goal: Online video marketing

Yes, you read it right. Online video marketing is one of the powerful marketing tools and the cheapest technique of getting your company  on the right track.

What are the benefits of online video marketing?

  1. Exposure through social media (youtube, facebook, vimeo, website, blogsite, twitter, etc).Not only connect with clients and prospects but also reach out to millions.
  2. It  increases your SEO ranking. Videos ranks well and fast. It is the   next evolution in SEO tool box. With the correct targeted keywords and coding, search engines will  rank you high locally.
  3. Affordable and cost-effective
  4. Cheaper than print, radio, and T.V. advertisements
  5. Educate customers of your products and services
  6. It gives you authority. If you have a local business, video marketing is the great way to stand out from the crowd. While your competitors are sending plain text emails, you can dazzle your prospects by sending video emails. Placing videos on your website or your blogs makes them know they can trust you.
  7. Visually entertaining and easy to understand product demonstration and company information
  8. Connects superbly to customers and potential clients. They get to know you before they even meet you.
  9. Create rapport to clients as they will experience to know and understand your company and services more even before buying your products or engaging in the business
  10. Product branding and marketing
  11. Can be seen on many platforms
  12. Target specific clients and  dead-on niche
  13. Less work but long term in terms of marketing and exposure
  14. Positive income generating tool

Understanding how this can extremely affects the sales and lead generation of your business, the relationship you have with customers and possible clients make video marketing one of the most influential, creative and informative marketing tools in the new era of technology.  This can be the life blood of your growing business and an excellent income generating medium.

Hiring a video marketing virtual assistant to create a marketing video for your company and business will not even cost you an arm and a leg. In fact, you can save a lot if you commission the service of a marketing video virtual assistant rather than of an advertising agency to do your video marketing material/s because you will only pay the VA on a per hour basis or on a project base. Additionally, you can produce multiple video marketing materials to be posted on several social media platforms on specific target occasions and date.

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