How Video Interview Helps Jobseeker Finds Job

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Video interview is not new in terms of job interview. Entrepreneurs and human resources professionals are experiencing convenience in searching the right candidate for the job through social media recruiting and other new technology.

Video Interview Helps Jobseeker

The video interview has in not any way replaced the traditional face to face interview and employers are embracing this new trend in technology.

Here is an excerpt from Wowzer on how to ace on your video job interview.

Wowzer’s own CEO, Rodrigo Martinez, pointed out Business Insider’s recent article, “28 Top Executives Share What They Look for in Hires” to give jobseekers a hint of what leaders at top employers like Google, Facebook, and Amazon look for in an employee.

We’ve identified some recurring themes among the executives’ selection criteria and noticed that many of them are qualities that jobseekers can convey over video much more effectively than over the phone. If you’re given the opportunity to interview over video, use these tips to help you stand out as a great match.

Sincerity: Video interview platforms help recruiters make more accurate assessments of candidates in the early stages of the hiring process. How seriously are you taking this preliminary interview? You should be dressed appropriately, in a well-light space and eliminate any chance of distraction or noise. Sure, you’ve led with your resume but this is your true first impression.

Good attitude: These execs stated over and over again that a positive attitude is the key to getting your foot in the door.  Fully concentrate on staying upbeat and positive. Just make sure that you use the opportunity that this technology lends to your benefit by concentrating on your delivery throughout the interview.

Personality: Video interviews give you the opportunity to showcase your personality. A resume can’t smile, and there’s only so much that can shine through a phone. Face-to-face interviews via video give you the opportunity to show the hiring team your interpersonal skills and stand out from the crowd. The interviewer is able to actually picture how you will fit in to the culture of their company.

Preparation:  Obviously there is always the chance for a curve ball, but let’s get real. We know, for the most part, what questions we need to be prepared for. You should already have down your strengths, weaknesses, failures and successes. A video interview isn’t going to sneak up on you. You can prepare, or you can even take a practice round. Best of all, if your video interview is recorded, you will most likely get thinking time to organize your answer.

Cultural Fit:  Keep in mind what you want from a prospective company.

Many employers are now taking advantage of the fact that they are able to showcase their company culture from starting with the dynamic and interactive video interviewing process. These employers have put a lot of work into creating a culture that they can be proud of. It’s worth it to take that into consideration.

Passion and Values: If your research reveals that your values align closely with those of the company you’re targeting, think of a unique way to communicate that to the hiring team by working it into one of your answers.

Enthusiasm:  Sheryl Sandberg , COO of Facebook recalls an interview in which the perspective hire flat out asked, “I want to know what is your biggest problem and how can I solve it.” The hiring process is so much more than writing your resume, sending the resume, and talking about the resume. Use every opportunity to set yourself apart. The lesson here is that it isn’t always by stating your strengths and achievements. There are other ways to set yourself apart. (

Points where you are likely to lose the job during interview:

  • Not attentive to the question
  • Losing focus during the answer
  • Using unsuitable language
  • Lack of enthusiasm
  • Not prepared
  • No idea of the background of the company

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