How to Rock and Pass a Virtual Job Interview

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More companies are joining the bandwagon of hiring a remote staff or virtual assistant to do tasks that can be done using the internet. You can find many job postings from a reliable online job search or from virtual companies who are looking for virtual assistants.

virtual assistant job interview

Virtual job interview is done online using Skype and other VoIPs. Some entrepreneurs or interviewers would interview an applicant using voice only but there are some who prefers video call wherein both parties use video camera in addition to voice call to see the applicant.

Just like having a face to face interview, you may be nervous too on phone interview. There is not much of a difference except you are interviewed via phone or video call.

How to prepare for an online interview:

  • Job description: Prior to that anticipated phone interview, read and understand the job description carefully. You need to assess the type of person the company is looking for. From there, you can focus your interview and prove to the recruiter that you are best fit for the post.
  • Resume: The interviewer might ask you something that’s on your resume so better be prepared than get some surprise questions. You may open your resume from your computer or print it out so you can refer to it during the interview.
  • Notepad and pen: You may think pad and pen is not necessary, but having a ready available notepad and pen for taking down notes during the interview is a fundamental to success.
  • Disturbances: Choose a room in your house where no one can disturb you and as much as possible no background noise like dog barking, TV programs, loud music, a baby crying or children fighting and screaming. Even though it’s a phone interview you may want this to be as professional as possible so be sure your family is aware so they can at least minimize interruptions. Also, avoid a room that has an echo or makes you sound as though you’re in a well or something during your phone interview.
  • At Office: Work isn’t the best place to have a phone interview for a new job but sometimes, the only possible time for a phone interview is during the day when you are at work. You have to notify the recruiter if you’ve preferred to conduct your phone interview in your office about your work situation and the preferable time to call you. Some people use their break time or lunch time to accommodate the phone interview.
  • Telephone: Shun the idea of using a speaker phone unless you have a hearing problem. If using a headset, test the sound quality and the microphone if working or not. Have your mobile phone or a battery operated phone fully charged before your interview should your interview last longer than expected.
  • Relax: You can get butterflies in your stomach even with a phone interview. Relax and take a deep breath minutes before the phone interview. Find a comfortable chair to sit and not on your bed with your laptop. You want to be calm and relaxed so you aren’t distracted during your interview. This will allow you to give the interviewer your undivided attention during the entire phone call.
  • Water: There are times that we really get nervous during the interview and we tend to chew gums to ease the tension. Forget the gums or candies and just have the water readily available once your throat dries out.
  • Who leads the interview: Let the interviewer lead the interview – don’t interrupt him, listen to him carefully before answering. Don’t talk much and into details especially if it is out of context unless you are applying for sales and marketing post wherein you are required to talk and talk.
  • Be yourself: Yes, you want to get the job but never try to impress the interviewer that you know everything. Be honest about your knowledge and skills. If you do not know something, acknowledge and propose or recommend instead on ways to solve the situation.  If you try to pretend you know something that you really don’t know, it will backfire to you once you are hired.
  • Humor: It is not bad to break the ice and crack some humor. Just relax and smile.

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