How to effectively manage your Client-Virtual Assistant time

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A virtual assistant can make or break your business. However, finding the right and perfect one is a crucial part of a successful commerce. And the key in maintaining an excellent client-virtual assistant relationship is through an exceptional communication from both parties.

Manage your Client-Virtual Assistant Time

It’s not just about giving tasks to your online worker but also having a good connection with the person, as he or she will be your partner in growing your business. These days, it’s peculiar to find small companies and entrepreneurs without an outsourced virtual assistant.

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When assigning and monitoring tasks, trust him or her with the tasks you have delegated and constantly follow up and ask for feedback. Communicate through email, Instant Messaging, Skype and other means of online communication.

Since today’s technology allows interaction and information exchange with no boundaries or time restrictions, one can less likely fail in communication. Most importantly, you can establish and schedule business or working hours.

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Dedicate Virtual Assistant

As for the VA, you have to be dedicated with your work, committed and be more than motivated to do the tasks assigned.

  • Be organized
  • Jot down instructions and don’t just rely on your memory, as this is not always reliable
  • Deliver output on time
  • Always be punctual during your shift – inform ahead of time if you can’t be in for work or will be late
  • Keep client updated of tasks and assignments given
  • Be professional in all your dealings and most importantly,
  • Show the client all the benefits of having a virtual assistant

Adjusting constantly to the situation, tasks and assignments are beneficial to both parties and for the betterment of the business.

Even if your home-based employee is professional and skilled in the field, don’t expect him or her to put together the entire structure and the system of your firm from scratch into something grandeur on your behalf, as it is still your company and your life.

Be realistic. The virtual assistant’s productivity and output is solely dependent on the client’s input. Set up communication tools that are necessary for your trade and your VA. Keep up with the fast pace and competitive world of business and the ever-changing technology so your business can grow to its full potential.

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