How to Deal With an Angry Customer and Manage Stress

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Having to calm down an irate client is the most challenging thing a client representative can do. Anger is a frustration expressed by a customer. The problem that started the customer flaring-up can be one of many incidents that have lead to the total impatience and hostility of the person. Although there may be a valid and reasonable problem behind the outburst, their anger may be lopsided to the range of the problem. It’s up to you how you handle and calm the emotional state of the customer and know the root cause of the problem and resolve it accordingly.


How do you respond and handle an angry and intimidating client? Face, listen and dismiss courteously the ire of a customer.

After the customer has expressed their emotions do the following:

  1. Quickly recognize the customer’s anger.
  2. Make the customer feel that you’re concerned.
  3. Apologize even if you’re not at fault.
  4. Stay calm and composed.
  5. Don’t interrupt.
  6. Don’t hurry the customer.
  7. Let the furious client pour out his or her sentiments.
  8. Discover the root of the problem.
  9. Ask questions.
  10. Ask for a solution.
  11. Present a solution.
  12. Solve the problem.

The most important thing when pacifying an irate customer is to allow them to vent, settle down and show you are listening and truly concerned about the problem. Thank the customer for their observations and comments.

Being bashed with rage and sometimes with rude remarks from furious people, customer representatives are often the shock absorbers that lead to stress.

Most of this stress is inevitable but there are a few things you can consider that can make a difference in your day while at work

  • Get to the cause of the problem.
  • Avoid conflicts with customers.
  • Don’t get in an argument.
  • Remedy the problem on the first telephone call.
  • Don’t take it personal.
  • Find humor from the situation.
  • Grab on a cup of tea, coffee or your favorite drink.
  • Take a deep breath.
  • Smile.
  • And just laugh at the encounter.

Remember and keep this in mind, a hostile customer is angry and is complaining on a certain product or service and not – YOU. You really have nothing to do with the outburst of the person but since you are representing the product and services of the company, the anger is vented at you.  As the economy stiffens, customer anger and hostility will tend to rise. So brace yourself with more of this scenario.

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