How To Build Your Professional Reputation Online

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Are you an entrepreneur, professional, or a company building your professional reputation online? In this difficult time where economy is at its toughest, one can’t afford to tarnish the reputation he or she has taken care of all these years.

This is the age of technology and it’s not the time for you to create a negative buzz on yourself or your company by having a poor online reputation. Most people use social media management and the Internet to background check possible employers or job applicants. This way they will have the chance to know all about the person or the company they are trying to accept or apply for a job.

how to build reputation online

Bad or good reputation, once your name is searched on the search engine, it will break or make your image. Job recruiters and employers are making full use of the internet to verify one’s reputation. Can you afford to do that to your very own identity? Of course not, so how do you build your professional reputation online?

How To Build Your Professional Reputation Online

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#1. Social Media

Who is not into Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google+ and all other social media sites? Most of us want to show off what we have, rant our hearts out, post pictures in any sort and just about anything that is happening in our lives that most of the time we don’t know the consequence of our actions. Your posts may ruin your image or put you in a good position. In short, be careful of what you post on your social media accounts.

#2. LinkedIn

Since LinkedIn got its way to the Internet as a professional network, professionals create their curriculum vitae online and are visible to job recruiters locally or around the globe.

Not only that, entrepreneurs are also using LinkedIn to reach out to their target markets to widen their reach and be known in their fields and beyond. Be careful when you update your profile and your career history.

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These social media platforms can help you build an impeccable online reputation when utilized properly. Below are some tips you can use.

  • Optimize your LinkedIn profile. Make an effort to appear in the first page of LinkedIn search results.
  • Be responsive with a sense of urgency. Your prospects need clear answers and they may need it right away. See to it that you respond quickly and clearly.
  • Say what you mean and mean what you say. No matter how short, your social media status should reflect your actions as well.
  • Share a recommendation. Your readers will appreciate it if you could share helpful sources and tips on your social media channels.

#3. Build a professional looking website

If you are just starting your business, create a simple one if you are on the budget or have a web developer design the website for you.

The most important things that your website should have are – updated products and services, upcoming events, links to your blog and all of your social media accounts.

Companies and business owners build professional looking and highly searchable websites that reflects their products, service and brand. Simple as it may sound but it plays an impact to your business and reputation.

Build a professional looking website

#4. Build your blog

When you have finally determined your niche, write about a topic and link this to your website if you have and to your social media accounts. Ask people to follow and share your post to their social media accounts, too.

If you don’t have time to do this, look for help online. A blogger virtual assistant can write articles that showcase your expertise and targeting a specific audience. Who knows, your future employer or client might read one of those posts.

There are instances that even if you have deleted a certain blog, you never know who copied and shared your post to another site or blog sites. This will give you more exposure as it takes time before it will finally leave the Internet.

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#5. Forums and Social Media Posts

Yes, you love to join and post on forums and the social media in general. Be mindful of what you post because the internet never forgets what you have shared online specially the ones that is bashing someone, negative comments, filthy words and one that will eventually damage your online reputation.

Even how angry you are, keep in mind, everything shared online can be read by people from around the globe, regardless if they know you or not.

If you want to have your own forum that will host a series of opinion from your audience, you can have a web developer virtual assistant design the website for you. Forums are one of the oldest and biggest high-traffic platforms used by businesses and enthusiasts online.

You are the mirror of who you are and it’s only you who design, create and build your own reflection. Be the most of who you are and build your professional online reputation the positive way. Take note that on the Internet – no stone is left unturned.


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