Providing Virtual Assistant Services since 2009 in United States, Canada, United Kingdom and other parts of the world.

Effective & Efficient Virtual Assistants for Entrepreneurs,
Real Estate Agents/Investors, Small Business Owners, and Start Ups.
If you’re a busy person who has struggled long enough finding the perfect work-life balance, our Virtual Assistants (VAs or Virtual Office Assistants) are here to the rescue!

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    Hire a VA to promote your business
    and handle daily tasks such as answering calls,
    customer service, ad posting, sales, marketing,
    web/SEO, etc. – you name it!

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    No more 8+ hr work days and working weekends
    trying to build or run your business.

    Help is here. Our highly qualified VAs can significantly reduce your workload,
    freeing up your time for family, friends, travel/vacations, etc.

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    BBB Accredited since 2010

    for 5 years of continuous accreditation

    Virtual Assistant Talent, LLC affirms that it meets and will abide
    by the following standards.


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You've definitely come to the right place if you answer yes in any of the questions below. Help is here and we are making things a lot easier for you, we have sample tasks list that can serve as a guide on what your Virtual Office Assistant can support you with. Start delegating your task so you can focus on what you do best.

  • You are overwhelmed with heavy workload.
  • You feel tired of doing repetitive admin tasks.
  • You only want to pay for the work you need when you need it.
  • You want to focus more on growing your business.
  • You want to keep doing the tasks that you love and delegate the rest.
  • You need help but cannot afford the cost of hiring an in-office employee.
  • You don't have the time to hire, recruit and train a new assistant.


Reduced labor expenses & no overhead cost. Hiring a VA means no payroll taxes, no vacation and sick leaves and no health and dental benefits to pay. No labor laws to think about and that is peace of mind. Imagine how you can utilize your savings and spend it in growing your business instead.

On-call basis work. You only pay for the amount of time spent on your assigned task unlike having an in-office employee that you have to keep busy. Virtual Office Assistants work on your preferred schedule and can even work on weekends or night time upon your request.

Diverse skill set. VA's has worked on different industries and projects. They always have fresh ideas and new perspective that can contribute to your business. A VA may have the skills that you don't have, skills that you desperately need for your business but don't have the luxury of time to learn.

Quality work output. They care about their reputation because they know that the best way to have more clients is by providing superior service. With a VA, excellent productivity is always guaranteed. They often aim to exceed and not just meet client expectations so that they will be eligible for a re-hire and get a powerful recommendation.

Convenience. Easy to hire and easy to fire unlike with your typical in-office employee. Once work project is completed, you can have the VA end work tasks for you. Need them on weekends for a special project? Just ask and you'll get a yes. Need them to cover a task for your absent in-office employee? Yes, they can do that too!

No training expenses for specialized skills. You don't need to spend any money on training because VA's normally are experts in their specialized field already. If you need a specific skill-set for a certain project, hire a VA that already got the skills that you require. A VA is already knowledgeable and equipped with the latest technology tools to be successful in the job assignment.

Delegate the small stuff. Often times, it's the repetitive time-consuming tasks that gets in the way of your high priority activities. A Virtual Office Assistant handles the small admin tasks so you can focus on high priority goals for your business.

Business growth. They handle the admin tasks or other areas of your business thus allowing you to focus your time on meeting clients and closing more sales. At the end of the day, you get to do the task that you're good at allowing the business to expand and profit more.

Save your time. Delegate your work. Focus on high priority tasks.
Hire a Virtual Assistant today.

A VA is an off-site independent contractor who offers administrative and technical support services virtually; meaning through the use of internet, email, phone, fax or text. VA's are considered self-employed, independent contractors with no payroll taxes to pay, no holiday pay, no employee benefits and no internal conflicts to work around. Our Virtual Assistant can almost do everything just like your regular office employee except that you get to keep them for a fraction of the cost.

Here at Virtual Assistant Talent, we provide VA's who are all college degreed, with great command of the English language both verbal and written. They have been carefully screened and passed a rigorous assessment from our HR Professionals before they get endorsed to our clients.

100% VA Replacement Guarantee

Experience our hassle-free hiring process. You are backed up by our VA Replacement Guarantee at no extra charge in any case that your hired VA seems not to be a perfect fit.

No-obligation Contract

We offer you a no-obligation contract. We offer monthly contract renewals. No yearly contracts and no penalties for early cancellation.

VAT Dedicated HR Team & Client Representative

Dedicated HR Team & Client Representative to consistently monitor your hired VA for productivity purposes, leveraging screen capturing/work monitoring software to make sure your VA is always on track and on time.

Successful entrepreneurs hire great VAs.
Here's what our happy clients are saying about us.

Ken Varga

I would like to Thank You for all that you have done for me for the past 3 years. After two weeks I realized how well your VA's work and are trained…creating 10 new clients on average each month. All of my business goals have been achieved via your Virtual Assistant. I would highly recommend anyone who wants to take their business to the next level, to try it out.

Ken Varga
Owner, Creating Customers, LLC
Greater New York City Area

Larry Cabaldon

John connected me with a well qualified virtual assistant that understood all my needs and proactively moved me forward…Suddenly, I had a new Wordpress website that rocked with updated design, photos, resources, and invites to events, blogs, and videos. The end results were better than I could imagine. I was consulted all the way, but I realized I was dealing with a professional who know what I needed and wanted to make it happen ASAP.

Larry Cabaldon
CEO, Boardroom Performance Group
Irvine, California

Scott Hamilton

Our organization has found John and his team to be an excellent and consistent source of support for all of our social media, white papers, research, blogs and other support. The team is responsive and acutely tuned in to our C-Suite membership and programs. They get our highest endorsement.

Scott Hamilton
President & CEO, Executive Next Practices Institute
Orange County, California


Regular companies pay an average Administrative Assistant $31,000 yearly* or a web designer/programmer $73,000 yearly*. With us, you ONLY pay $17,056/year or $8.20/hour.

Save 45-76% On Labor Cost!

Our Hiring Process is as easy as 1 2 3 . . .

Phone Consultation – Hiring Process

Phone Consultation

A Client Representative will call you for a free phone consultation to discuss your current business needs including VA tasks, instructions, work schedule and pricing options.

VA Endorsement – Hiring Process

VA Endorsement

We endorse you the resume of our top VA's that will meet the skill set of your desired VA based on our consultation.

Client Interview – Hiring Process

Client Interview

A Client Representative will facilitate a conference call together with the endorsed VA's for a phone interview. You can freely ask them questions for you to gauge who best fits your business.

Payment Invoice – Hiring Process

Payment Invoice

Once you've chosen your hired VA, we send you an invoice link via email that you can choose to pay via Paypal or your credit card.

Client Orientation – Hiring Process

Client Orientation

Our HR Representative sends out all work tools and credentials before day one and conducts a Client Orientation Call to establish ground rules.

1st Onboarding Call – Hiring Process

1st Onboarding Call

Our Client Representative will call you together with your hired VA to confirm work guidelines and instructions for a successful working relationship.

What Virtual Assistant Categories Do We Provide and Support?

Contact Us for any customized work requirements and we will find a way to do it for you.
We can provide various VA services to meet your customized needs.

From good business to great business.
The difference lies in hiring a reliable Virtual Assistant from us.

Bruce Sankin

Bruce Sankin, President of Financial Help Centers, Inc.
Coral Springs, Florida

"My original project was to get additional exposure to my prospects (insurance agents and financial advisors) on LinkedIn. My VA began joining discussion groups, connecting with agents, and sending emails. By the end of the second week my ‘view rate’ had increased by 40%. By the end of the fifth week, it increased by 75%. I followed up with my new LinkedIn connections; and set up additional appointments. The VA did exactly what I needed, since I did not have the personal time to do it myself. I would highly recommend John Davern and his VA service."

Here's how our VA helped our customer gain more clients by marketing for him on LinkedIn.

Focus On What You Do Best!
Our Virtual Assistant Will Take Care Of The Rest.
You don't have to do it all by yourself.