Getting More Leads for Your Business Using A Virtual Assistant

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Running a business requires most entrepreneurs to contact a never-ending list of prospects. The good thing is, this is something that you can delegate pretty easily—if you know how to do it right.

In this post you will learn what you should keep in mind when using virtual assistant services to generate leads for your business.

Generate More Leads Using A Virtual Assistant

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The advantage of lead generation services is that they will handle the entire hiring process. That means you will get a pool of endorsements based on your specifications, and they will arrange Skype/phone interviews.

Setting Goals and Delegating VA Tasks

1. Identifying daily/weekly goals

Start by cutting it down by daily goals and setting your target monthly revenue. Identify the number of new prospects you need to contact on a daily/weekly basis.

For example:

Daily cold prospects to contact: 980 prospects / 20 business days = 49 per day

So if your daily target is 49 leads, communicate this on the day the you orient your VA, and ask them if it is doable. From there, you can test the waters by assigning your VA the task of researching, but not contacting, roughly half your target number.

2. Delegating tasks

There are a number of ways virtual assistants can help you with lead generation, depending on your business model and marketing strategy. Generally, VAs are already trained and experienced in their own field. But as with any other employees, they also need to be acclimated to the new business approach every time. The key here is to start small and ramp up the complexity of the tasks as you get to feel your VA’s capability.

Hiring a Lead Generation Expert

3. Researching leads

If you’re not quite ready for the VA to contact leads directly, then save yourself from the time-consuming task of researching them.

First thing to do is to provide your lead generation virtual assistant a profile of your ideal prospect.

Then, they will use tools like search engines, social media, and LinkedIn to find these prospects. Ask your VA to find relevant leads by drawing from a specific list of companies and titles, using the “advanced search” function in LinkedIn, for example.

4. Contacting leads

Most lead generation jobs work from home individuals are equipped with good communication skills.

Give clear instructions on how to contact prospects by giving them scripts and templates or asking them to customize one. They can also jump into email marketing to introduce your company and your products/services.

Marketing Your Brand

Companies who blog have an overwhelming 97% more leads. ~ Social Media Today Click To Tweet

5. Develop marketing materials

A VA can be a tremendous help in developing marketing material for your campaigns.

They can create relevant blog posts; marketing materials such as posters, copy ads, eBooks, and content that you can then distribute to drive traffic and move the leads down the sales funnel.

6. Assign other tasks!

Yes—you can absolutely hand over some time consuming tasks to your virtual admin assistant. allows you to allocate more time to lead generation is valuable. They can easily cover everyday, repetitive tasks related to your business, such as social media management, answering calls/emails, or even bookkeeping.

With social media posting, they can share articles, tweets, status updates, etc so you gain more exposure in the online arena. The more engaging you become, the more likely you are to attract and retain prospects.

7. Allows you to do your CORE function

Telemarketing works, but at some point you will have to pick up the phone. Home-based lead generation jobs will allow you to work on your full potential by extracting all those activities that take up too much of your time.

Here’s how Henri Schauffler of CEO Focus works with his VAs:

“A trained telemarketing team calls a select list for participants in my free business-building seminars for small business owners. Those interested are then sent an email.

The list of “RSVPs” is sent to me daily. I mail them a USPS letter with ticket and flyer. Then I call each one personally and get them talking about their business.”

Steps on Working with Virtual Assistants Successfully

  • Be clear about what you want the lead generation freelancer to do.
  • Keep a running list of what you should delegate.
  • Create a job description and responsibility list for your VA.
  • Say what you want your VA to produce, how they should behave, tasks he/she needs to complete.
  • Ask your VA to help you create a Systems manual.
  • Hold weekly or monthly meetings with your VA.
  • Never hesitate to ask your VA for help or advice. Virtual assistants are excellent at helping business owners so make sure to ask and listen to what they have to say.

When you finally find the best VA to work with, enroll him or her in your vision and your goals. Make sure your virtual help is enthusiastic about what you do and is ready to roll!

Virtual Assistant Talent is an excellent source if you’re looking forward to hiring a part-time or full-time real estate lead generation virtual assistant. See how our highly qualified and trained VAs can assist in your everyday tasks and objectives. CALL 1-866-596-9041.

We would love to hear if these ideas worked for you! If you have questions or any Social Media related success stories, please leave a comment below.


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