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Are you planning to Hire A Virtual Assistant? We offer virtual assistant services subscriptions that can help you find and hire the virtual assistant that’s just right to help support and grow your business.

We specialize in finding/placing the following Virtual Assistants for our clients:

Social Media Marketing Virtual Assistant

Help expand your business by promoting it through the use of social networking sites ( Facebook, Linkedin, Google+, Youtube ) video sharing/sindication/distribution and other web 2.0 tech. They can also blog and tweet for you, write articles, create and distribute press releases, email blast and help prepare mass mailings. read more >>

Real Estate Investor Virtual Assistant

These virtual assistants are trained to help support the daily task of running/expanding your real estate investment business. They will help you find motivated sellers and build your buyer list, handle incoming and outgoing calls and screen buyers and sellers, run comps, market your properties, utilize pay per click campaigns, search engine optimization, place craigslist ads, fill out questionaires etc. These VA’s can also assist in promoting your business and properties you have for sale using web 2.0 social media, creating and distributing videos on your properties for sale, etc. read more >>

Transcriptionist Virtual Assistant

Equipped with fast typing skills for interview transcription, medical (VA will be familiar with medical terminology for physician dictation), legal or other technical transcribing. This includes understanding colloquialisms that may be employed by various speakers, being able to use punctuation in such a way that the inflection of the speakers are captured as much as possible, and being able to transcribe the dialogue exactly as it occurred. read more >>

Customer Service Virtual Assistant

Provide friendly service to internal and external customers. Skilled in answering inbound and outbound calls, provide information to customers about products or services, as well as handling and resolving customer complaints. read more >>

Administrative Executive Personal Assistant

These VAs provide general administrative support, answer calls, and perform clerical work. Computer proficient in Microsoft Office applications (MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel) email, typing etc. Skilled in organizing tasks such as putting files in place, checking your email, screening/placing/returning calls, preparing various documents and presentations, preparing your schedule/appointment setting, conduct online research. These VA’s may also handle travel bookings saving you from travel agency cost or time spent in booking for flights. read more >>

Web Designer/Graphic Artist Virtual Assistant

Develop design of web page layouts, design of architecture and navigation of the site, branding, perform custom programming. read more>>

Accounting/Bookkeeping Virtual Assistant

Proficient in Excel, Quickbooks or other bookkeeping applications, maintain accounts receivable/payable, payroll services, update financial reports, etc. read more >>

Custom and Other VAs

We can find just about any type of VA that you need, including those that perform a hybrid of tasks such as those listed above. You can contact us at our main number 1-866-596-9041 (510-400-8006 local). We have client representatives on standby from 8am to 9pm EST to assist you with any questions.

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