5 Pro Tips in Establishing Thought Leadership Using LinkedIn

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Getting ideas from those ‘been there, done that’ people is a great place to start when it comes to Digital Marketing. This year you want to increase brand awareness, improve lead generation, and establish thought leadership.

A lot of B2B companies and businesses are beefing up their online marketing by using some LinkedIn Marketing Services.

Establishing Thought Leadership Through LinkedIn

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So here are 5 pro tips from “Big Kahunas” that will help you make waves in your niche market and succeed in your thought leadership strategy.

5 Pro Tips in Establishing Thought Leadership Using LinkedIn

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1.  Create customized messaging as part of a seamless OmniChannel experience

LinkedIn messaging should not simply be copied and pasted from another platform, though. Content should be specifically tailored to the channel.

“If the experiences in each channel are not uniquely helpful, you risk annoying customers.” ~Mark Schaefer Click To Tweet

For best results on LinkedIn, feature distinctive, signature elements that match the aspiration and professional context of the platform.

2. Embrace an audience-first perspective with customer experience maps

To understand what content will engage your audience on LinkedIn, you should have a big-picture view of the buyer journey. When you understand buyer concerns throughout the funnel, you can create relevant messaging for your Company Page, Showcase Pages, Sponsored Updates, and other forms of social media strategy that are personalized for the specific audience you are looking to engage.

Imagine your buyer at each stage of the customer journey: What are they thinking and feeling? Taking this customer-centric approach can help mold strategic branded content you can use throughout the buying cycle on LinkedIn.
Engage your audience on LinkedIn

3. Implement a balanced social sharing plan to promote your content

Creating blog posts, whitepapers, and other content requires significant resources, and it’s important to get a return on your investment. Generally, you’re not going to achieve maximum reach or visibility with a single mention on LinkedIn. On the other hand, promoting the same content too often can annoy rather than engage.

LinkedIn marketing is a continuous process that involves creating an action plan and schedule. Look for Virtual Assistant Solutions to help you when carrying out your overall marketing strategy.

With a balanced plan to distribute content on LinkedIn, you might use Company Page updates, Sponsored Updates, Sponsored InMails, and leverage your employee profiles to ensure your strategic content finds the right people.

4. Inject storytelling into your content marketing

B2B marketers understand that engaging audiences isn’t about broadcasting product specs or features. Instead, it’s important to convey a compelling brand narrative that highlights the value your brand provides to the marketplace.

Hiring experienced virtual assistants can be one of your assets in promoting your brand online and engaging with your customers or clients. Jeff Bullas provides examples of how GE is serving as a model for making a “boring” business interesting.

Compelling real-life stories add life to any offer, no matter how “boring”. Click To Tweet

5. Establish thought leadership in your industry

As a marketer, you understand how important credibility is to your brand. Establishing yourself as a thought leader can inspire confidence in your company and the solutions you offer. It also helps when you connect to several Linkedin influencers as they can be a mother lode of potential business partners, clients or customers.

LinkedIn consistently ranks as the most-trusted social media platform for B2B professionals researching products and services, making it an ideal venue to establish your industry influence.

So what is really a thought leader? “It is simply about becoming an authority on relevant topics by delivering the answers to the biggest questions on the minds of your target audience.”

To read the more detailed list, please visit this site.


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