How Effective is Craiglist Ad Posting for Business

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Craigslist is every business’ venue to list and post their products and services for free. This is also a good way of free exposure while widening your market reach and potential customers especially for B2B.

Craiglist Ad Posting

Millions of consumers visit Craigslist each month, thus making this as one of the best free classifieds site online.

How you post a Craigslist ad will define how quickly your items will sell. Click To Tweet

That is, “if” they even sell at all. When you set out to write a Craigslist ad, you can use some simple suggestions that will help you sell what you are trying to unload quickly and to the right prospect.

There are many factors to consider when posting your ad so your listing will not get flagged.

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How to advertise on Craigslist:

  • Advertise by geographical area
  • Advertise
  • Sell responsibly
  • Check results

Even if you post legitimate ads, there is a possibility that Craigslist will still flag and your ads get ghosted. Why is that? There are a number of reasons why but before we go further let us know what is flagging and ghosting on Craigslist mean.

Flagging – is a system to quickly identify illegal and inappropriate postings. This is an option in which Craigslist users can flag ads of other users.

Ghosting – is the term used when you make a post on Craigslist and the system notifies you that your post has been published but in reality, your post, by no means did not appear on the front page of Craigslist.

Craigslist Flagging

Reasons for flagging:

  • Wrong category
  • Prohibited
  • Spam or over post

Reasons for ghosting:

  • Many ads before were flagged
  • CL staff will decide if the ad is worth posting or not or by automated system
  • Overposting

Don’t be complacent about your business’ ad posting just because you think your post went through and nobody is watching your back. Your competitor might be lurking and is there ready to attack anytime and flag your ad down once it is up on the list. A marketing virtual assistant knows exactly what needs to be done in order for your post to get approved on Craigslist.

Basically, Craigslist is trying to avoid marketers spamming the site with unwanted ads and wants to make sure the ads are legitimate and unique and from different people. Unfortunately, Craigslist staff knows how to verify if an ad is appropriate or not.

  1. IP Address. According to Craigslist’s terms, ads posted by a specific IP are only allowed to post once in one section in one city. If Craigslist determines one IP address is placing multiple ads or an ad in multiple cities, the ad or all ads will likely be flagged or ghosted.
  2. Email Address. There are a limited amount of times a user can post with the same email address or account. If they see that an email account is posting multiple times, especially within 48 hours, the ad or all ads may be flagged or ghosted.
  3. Title and Content. Craigslist has software that routinely compares content so that all posts are distinct and unique. If you are posting the same ad time and again, that ad and the other duplicates will possibly be flagged or ghosted.

Additionally, hiring virtual assistant can help you save time because a VA can monitor your ads as well as handle inquiries over the phone or via email. You can then focus on more strategies for your business and your virtual assistant can post and promote an ad or two on Craigslist.

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