Does Keywords Still Matter?

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Getting a spot on search engines take time and effort. You need to know the right keywords. Using Google’s Keyword Tool can help you build a base keyword list for your organic search. But there are a lot of questions if keywords do matter and is helpful in optimizing your website.

Keyword Research Matters

A keyword in programming is a word that is reserved by a program because the word has a special meaning. Keywords can be commands or parameters. Every programming language has a set of keywords that cannot be used as variable names. Keywords are sometimes called reserved names.In search engines, keywords are used in its search for relevant Web pages. (Webopedia.)

In the past, SEO specialists would have to rely on tools like keyword tools to identify new keywords and ad groups to get traffic. As technology advances, so does the use of keywords. Google has been updating and the use of algorithm, and that means, what is true yesterday might not be true today.

However, Google is now combining new tools- the Keyword Tool and Traffic Estimator into just one product and that is the keyword planner.

  1. Ideas for looking for keywords and Adwords
  2. Enter keywords to learn about their performance
  3. Multiply keyword list

Even with the new update from Google, people are still using the old Google keywords that we are used to in searching keywords for blogs, social media and SEO purposes. Determining the right keyword to reach your target market is not that easy as what most thought of and need to consider competition when doing such.

Keyword optimization for your website means categorizing the appearance of your products and services to best serve your perfect customers and target market.  Good keyword search can really help you in your SEO strategy and keyword search can still be valuable. Keyword research still matters and is as critical as ever when it comes to creating the contents of your website. Writing good quality articles and focused content is now the name of the game. The aim now is to produce good-quality targeted content as routinely and as frequently as you can to move up in the ranks of Google’s latest indexing algorithms.

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