Things to Know Before Hiring a Data Entry Virtual Assistant

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Data entry is the process of transcribing and entering data into an electronic format. This includes encoding handwritten documents, figures on spreadsheets, electronic data processors and converting audio files into printed format.

However, anyone interested in this kind of job should be more careful, as there are many online opportunities that in reality are scams and not legitimate jobs.

Hiring a Data Entry Virtual Assistant

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies are sprouting in the Philippines. In fact, a study conducted by Tholons, a service globalization and investment advisory firm for IT-BPO Outsourcing reported that Cebu City, Philippines (formerly at No. 9) went up one rank and pushed Dublin, Ireland from the 8th spot. This presents opportunities not only for call centers but also for individuals who are working remotely from home.

Data entry opportunities are common in BPOs but several of these companies engage in third-party outsourcing. The common outsourced talent is home-based data entry encoder, though there are companies that require applicants to undergo assessment and training or online test and training.

Once all the requirements are complete and the virtual admin assistant passed the test and training, the data entry encoder may work on location, or may be eligible to work from his or her home.
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Data entry VA’s necessary skills

  1. Typing speed of at least 40 wpm.
  2. Excellent at 10-key typing
  3. Keen to details
  4. High degree of accuracy
  5. Proficient in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint)


  1. A degree in secretarial or related course
  2. At least college level
  3. Training in specialized programs for medical transcriptionist

Data entry VA’s Skills

Home Data Entry Scams to avoid

Most often than not data entry work is usually offered by BPOs and legitimate virtual assistant companies.

Though there are a lot of legitimate data entry works from home found online, numerous offers are actually scams. There are a lot of sites that ask for money up front, in return for a training package.

Don’t get fooled by these unscrupulous proposals online. It’s uncommon that any credible company would ask for money for such material. Verify the integrity and standing of the employer offering data entry work from home jobs.

The offer may be enticing and sounds good but shelling out money from your pocket in return of a training package is just so absurd. Think not just twice but thrice before you apply for an online job.

Several employers and small businesses have come to realize that…

Outsourcing office paperwork is profitable for businesses. Click To Tweet

Outsourcing data entry from home service or from legitimate outsourcing companies allow these businesses to save on maintenance costs and the opportunity to employ more of virtual office assistants at a minimal cost compared to having a physical office.

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