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In this time of global recession, work gets scarcer and competition gets tougher and tougher. Thousands of new graduates are competing with those who have solid foundation and experience in their profession. And those who are called “over age and over qualified” for work are on the edge of nowhere to go in finding work that fits their qualification. There are those who are not happy with their work and find it hard to achieve a promotion. But you can actually still use your skill set if you know how to find ways to upgrade your skills and add technology into your career. Prepare yourself by learning new skills and you are now ready to join the world of virtual assistance and work remotely from your home office.

careers that one can work from home

Here are some careers that one can work remotely from home office.

  • Administrative Assistant to Virtual Assistant –Tasks of a virtual assistant is no different with that of an administrative assistant. The only difference there is that a VA is working remotely from home. If you hate waking up early in the morning and get caught up in heavy traffic, you might consider this work from home job.
  • Marketing Specialist to Social Media Marketing Specialist – With the growing number of social media, businesses are utilizing the impact this can bring in to their business. In order to do so, a business owner needs to have someone who is tech savvy to promote the business online and reach as much market as possible. A social media marketing specialist can help boost your business and generate more income if he knows his how to create marketing gimmicks and his way around the social media.
  • Fine Arts to Graphic Artist – Graphic artists are quite in demand in the virtual industry. Video games are getting bigger and bigger as well as the demand for graphic artists who are responsible in the creation of the characters and design for the games.
  • Teacher / Tutor to Virtual Teacher / Tutor –If you are a classroom teacher who wants to have your own time or wants to have an extra income, you could be an online teacher or tutor. Many students from around the globe need an English tutor to help them with the language and/or with their assignments. Technology allows teachers to go beyond the limit of classroom to the World Wide Web.
  • Accountants and Bookkeepers to Virtual Accountants and Bookkeepers – A few decades ago, accountants and bookkeepers do freelance job from one company to another and deliver it to their offices. As technology advances, one can now provide services online and can even cater to clients across the globe. You only need to build your company and create a website to promote your products and services.

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