Bilingual Virtual Assistant

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There are a number of virtual assistant companies mushrooming all over the globe offering virtual assistant services. Whether the requirement is for a 10/20/40 hours a week or a project base assignment, a virtual assistant service is already a must have in this modern age era in business and technology. Assisting business owners unload business chores most entrepreneurs have no time to do as they are more focused on making their business grow.

Bilingual Virtual Assistant

While most virtual assistants specialize in web developing, SEO, graphic design, business strategy, there are virtual assistants whose niche is assisting business owners reach customers from other parts of the world in different language and they are called bilingual virtual assistants.

There are businesses that get the service of not only an English speaking virtual assistant but also who can speak two or multiple languages. They are like hitting two birds in one stone.

A bilingual virtual assistant’s tasks are same with most of the multi-skilled virtual assistants we find everywhere but the only difference is they can speak another language.

A bilingual virtual assistant’s tasks:

  1. Transcribe documents in two languages.
  2. Global customer service representative
  3. Translator
  4. SEO specialist
  5. Lead generation specialist
  6. Inbound / outbound specialist
  7. Bilingual online tutor
  8. Graphic Artist
  9. Web designer
  10. Web developer
  11. Business strategist
  12. Phone and Email support
  13. Accounting and bookkeeping
  14. Article / content writer
  15. Internet Research
  16. Blogger
  17. Travel specialist
  18. Calendar management
  19. Social Media Marketing
  20. Marketing campaign
  21. Data entry
  22. Newsletter and email campaign
  23. General virtual assistant tasks

The many benefits of hiring your bilingual virtual assistant are:

  1. No need to provide a physical office
  2. No need to pay employee benefits such as taxes, paid sick and vacation leaves, health insurance and other bonuses.
  3. No need to supply office equipment and software
  4. You can minimize your overhead expenses
  5. You can focus on productivity
  6. You can focus on increasing your sales and income
  7. Free up more of your time to focus on the more challenging tasks of your business
  8. You will have more time for your family and yourself

Bilingual virtual assistants are professionals who provide services at the comfort of their home office. They are virtual assistants with years of experience and are comfortable with the home office environment rather than with a physical workplace and colleagues.

Most virtual assistants are capable of multi-tasking unlike in an office environment wherein a staff can only do what his department has to offer. If you are an administrative assistant in a company, you expected to do tasks as admin assistant. But with a virtual assistant, one can be your general VA, graphic designer, article writer and travel specialist – all in one.

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