Article writing: Unleash the Creative Writing Potential in You

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Not everyone is endowed with the talent to create awe-inspiring articles, compose exciting, encouraging stories, market business in the most striking way or just about anything that embodies writing.

Before you grab your pen and paper or your laptop if you are that techie, here are a few tips on how to start writing an article. But, what is article writing?

Article Writing is a fantastic avenue in expressing one’s feelings and opinion wherein you can convey information to your audience with the purpose of connecting to the general public. The good thing with writing is that you can actually monetize your talent by offering your service as creative article writer. By doing such, you can promote products and services, give reviews, ghost write, blog for clients to name a few by investing only on your talent without spending a dime. Writing creative articles and posting them on the Internet through a blog site or website is an opportunity to get traffic to your business. Or, if you want your articles to be published on reliable publishing online sites, it may take a bit of time, as you need to prove your worth as a writer. However, once you set up your website or blog site, everything will run smoothly.

How to unleash the creative writing potential in you?

  1. You need to identify the genre you are most comfortable at whether it’s fiction writing, non-fiction, product review, how to, product and services marketing for a client, a personal blog and much more.
  2. Realize your initial ideas, finalize and make them into a creative article ready for posting on the Internet and or print-worthy.
  3. To be effective, recognize what your article should cover and how it should be written.
  4. Articles should be more than 300 words written around a specific topic.
  5. Pick a title that is eye-catching and intriguing so that your audience will spend some time to read your article.
  6. Keep your article crisp and concise.
  7. Writing is a process and you should allow that to progress and learn from your slip-ups.
  8. An excellent article focuses on targeted keywords that relate to the topic, business you are promoting or the product and service you are selling online.
  9. Be always on the lookout at your competition to determine the best keyword(s) that will be use in your article to best serve the SEO.
  10. Once you determine the keyword(s), you can now start to write an article using those keyword(s) which help search engines such as Google and Yahoo find your
  11. Don’t forget to start writing with eagerness and enthusiasm. The way you compose your line present your emotion and how you want to reach to your readers. Your audience can actually read between the lines and they will definitely feel each stroke of message in your article.
  12. Proofread your article not just once, twice but – more. Unless you have a proofreader to do the work for you, don’t get too lethargic when it comes to proofreading your article.
  13. Last but not the least; don’t get discouraged if the article you submitted to your client or online publishing is disapproved.  All you have to do is just write, write and write.

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