Article Spinning and Software

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Article writing can be very tedious and time consuming.  Even professional writers and those who have the gift and talent to combine the words in a manner that is so attractive and interesting to most people, having to do it all the time can be stressing especially if you are feeling a jiffy lazy or your reliable brain is not working and unable to keep in touch with your creative side. What to do? Spin articles.
Article Spinning and Software
A very popular method in writing, which many writers do, is taking an original article and re-writes it to many different versions is article spinning. By spinning an article, one can create multiple versions that are seen as unique and valuable in search engines. Many article marketers’ fear penalties in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) or using duplicate content so they turn to article spinning.

What is Article Spinning?

Article spinning is a search engine optimization method by which blog or website authors post a different variety of related content on their sites. It works by rewriting existing articles, or parts of articles, and by replacing sections to provide a slightly different viewpoint on the topic.

Copyright infringements may result to the writer facing a legal battle if the original articles are plagiarized from other websites or is used without the permission of the author.

Article spinning requires spinning tax or spin syntax. Spintax is a format used in spinning articles. List of text, sentences, or synonyms are embedded into an article to create a new version of the original one. Preset spinning programs can generate not hundreds but thousands of unique articles from a specific article you write by merely substituting synonyms for countless of words in the original.

Kinds of article spinning

  • Manual spin – manually re-writes an article without the use of spinning software
  • Automatic spin – re-writes article with the use of article spinning software

Levels of spinning

  • Deep spun articles
  • Ultra deep spin articles

There are tools and softwares available for spinning articles. The spinning software then replaces your synonym selections into the article to create new, unique variations of the original article.

  • Spinner Chief – free subscription
  • The Best Spinner – with subscription
  • Spin Rewriter – with subscription
  • Article tool chest – free subscription
  • Easy article writing software – subscription with free trial
  • Quick article pro – with subscription
  • EspinnerPro – with subscription
  • Instant Article wizard pro – with subscription and trial (with minimal fee
  • Article content spinners – with subscription
  • Articles spinner free – free subscription
  • Article writer pro – with subscription
  • Magic article writer – with subscription

Have your base articles in a thousand versions either manually or with the aid of a spinning software and promote your business without the hassle on your side.

An article spinner can help you re-write and create unique versions of an original article without being detected by Google as a duplicate article.

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