A Virtual Assistant Half the World Away

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Did it ever occur in your mind to have an assistant to help you in your business half the world away?

Virtual Assistant Half the World Away

Decades ago, hiring an assistant is picked and preferred from your locality for your physical office only and not virtually. But, as generations change and technology advances, so does a businessman’s point of view.

Having a virtual assistant is a 24/7 challenge not only to the client but to the assistant as well. There are many things to consider like time zones, how to effectively communicate with your assistant, tasks to relay, and output delivery.

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This is what globalization and technology has achieved, bringing people closer in all aspects of day-to-day activity.

This made way to Business Processing Outsource or BPO business, bourgeoning all over the world and competing to gain a slice of the industry.

This leads to the Philippines as one of the top outsourcing destinations in the world and the most sought after when it comes to virtual assistance outsourcing.

There are two types of virtual outsourcing in the Philippines, the head hunting companies and the virtual assistance service providers.

virtual outsourcing in the Philippines

1. Head hunting companies have a pool of curriculum vitaes from freelance VAs.

These companies usually provide at least three cream of the crop CV’s of virtual personal assistants for the clients to choose from. Once the client has chosen the perfect VA for his business, he will then inform the company, sign the contract with the agreed VA pay per hour or monthly pay (depending on the agreement), pay the company for the head hunting fee and everything is set to go.

After the VA is endorsed, the head hunting company has no further obligation to the client and VA. But some do extend the service and make follow up to check on how the VA is doing and if the client is satisfied with his or her working performance. The client pays the VA directly of his compensation.

2. Virtual outsourcing companies have skilled online assistants working for them with different skill sets to cater every client’s needs.

A virtual services company has its own staff like human resource, client representatives, payroll masters, and operations manager to give support not only to the remote workers but also to address complaints and other issues from clients.

Like the head hunting companies, virtual outsourcing companies provide three topnotch VAs and schedule client-VA interviews. After the client chooses his her virtual admin assistant, contract signing follows with details like pay, number of hours worked in a day or week, work schedule and others.

Unlike the former, the virtual services provider has a support team to check and assess the client and VAs on the progress of their tasks. The client pays the company and the company is the one who pays the home-based employees of their salary.

Virtual Assistant Talent is a virtual assistance outsourcing company based in Fremont, California with all-Filipino remote or online employees.

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