51+ Things You Can Outsource To A Virtual Assistant in 2017

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51-things-you-can-outsource-to-a-virtual-assistantA Virtual Assistant (VA) is a startup’s secret weapon. If you want to keep doing the tasks that you love and delegate the rest, this is your ultimate solution.

Businesses and executives hire VAs for three obvious reasons:

  1. They are overwhelmed with heavy workload.
  2. They want to focus more on growing the business.
  3. They simply don’t have time doing the repetitive tasks.

Need to avoid what you dislike? No problem. Here’s a list of most commonly outsourced tasks to virtual assistants.

Admin, Executive, Personal Assistant Tasks

Virtual assistants can provide customer service support such as the following:

  1. Send, reply, and filter email
  2. Chat support
  3. Set-up appointments on your behalf
  4. Answer inbound calls
  5. Do follow-up calls
  6. Transcribe audio or voice
  7. Calendar management
  8. CRM updates
  9. Research
  10. Data entry


Real Estate Virtual Assistants (REVA)

Running and expanding your realty investment business is something VAs can help you with. Online assistants have in-depth knowledge of realtor terminologies and they can bring in leads for your real estate business.

  1. Screen buyers/sellers
  2. Market your properties
  3. Post Craigslist ads
  4. Fill out questionnaires
  5. Create and distribute videos on your properties for sale


Web Design and Maintenance

Technical virtual assistants can create a compelling site for your business. Website development tasks are as follows:

  1. Domain registration and website hosting
  2. Custom logo design
  3. Create custom pages
  4. Mobile-responsive web design upgrade
  5. Revisions
  6. Site speed upgrade
  7. Create contact forms
  8. Create Payment System (Paypal and other methods) if selling


Social Media Virtual Assistants

VAs do strategic tasks to help increase the number of your company followers and establish your brand’s social media presence for a stronger online reputation. Increase traffic to your website through social media.

  1. Set up social media accounts
  2. Post interesting/informative articles
  3. Monitor social media pages
  4. Run ad campaigns


LinkedIn Marketing

Leverage LinkedIn features for sales prospecting, marketing, and networking.

  1. Create/Update LinkedIn profile
  2. Join relevant LinkedIn groups
  3. Monitor and replace groups
  4. Send connection requests to prospects
  5. Post/share relevant topics
  6. Monitor/Notify you of positive responses for follow-up



Improve online rankings through keyword discovery, content, on-page and off-page SEO.

  1. Set up Google Analytics
  2. Complete Website SEO Audit Report
  3. Register to directory/ business listings
  4. Conduct general keyword research
  5. Utilize Pay-per-click campaigns
  6. Build quality content for users


Human Resource VA Services

An HR virtual assistant can almost do everything just like your regular HR office employee except that you get to keep them for a fraction of the normal cost.

  1. Job posting
  2. Administer screening tests
  3. Resume/profile review
  4. Background checking
  5. Initial phone interviews
  6. Book in-office physical interviews
  7. Send congratulatory email for new hires
  8. Send work requirements and job contracts
  9. Database management of employee files
  10. Facilitate new hire orientation
  11. Employee payroll tracking
  12. Employee attendance tracking


And there’s more! Some companies may require specialized skill set that should be best handled by virtual assistants who are professional and/or had training. These tasks can be:

  • Medical transcriptions
  • Bookkeeping
  • Accounting
  • Transaction coordination
  • Copywriting for products or services

Personal or administrative assistant services and REVA are most requested but you can also find VAs with more specialized and technical skills. They accommodate demand across a wide scope of top industries.

Discover and enjoy the endless possible tasks you can assign to your virtual personal assistant.

If you are interested in learning more of how an online employee can help you, give us a call at 866-596-9041 or visit our page Virtual Assistant Talent.




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